Miscommunication. Finding out it's too late
The annual conversation. the one that seems a bit to fake.
Try to take a step back.
Take a look at all the things that you lack.
Motivation. it's what you need to get it through
Vivid retaliation. the kind you get when jokes on you.
Killing time. Murdering time. A easy way out.
Lemon Lime. Lemon Lime flavor in one bout.
It's taking such a long time, it's taking such a long time
What's going through you?
An open books a sure sign, an open books a sure sign.
How many chapters are you?
It's getting hard reading you.
And what page are you on, is it clear or just wrong?
Got the time to sing death's song?
Somebody crumbled up your paper rainbow and you want it back.
How many times must you pray for the rain to discover what you lack?
My favorite color was the one inside you.
Red like your eyes, blue like your heart.
Now the devils come and made it violet.
You've taken his gift and made it violence.
I pray for you, I deeply sympathize.
God make you stop, before another angel dies.