We're taking the extended tour.
They say that we're shipping off.
Each and every single sore.
We'll find a way to make hard soft.
And just when we think things will get worse
We look in our eyes to break the curse.
Cruise control, a way to take it easy.
Heart and soul, when it gets a little breezy.
We'll be taking a stroll.
This is our moment, discovering the true scent
Of Love... Timeless love.
What time have you got? Is it getting late?
Remember when the kids came first?
Well nows the time to take our date.
From now till the bubbles burst.
Picking up the pieces when they fall
Using the strength to rise above it all.
We're on cruise control, loving this single moment
We're lowering the pole, the hardest is already done with.
Impossible without you.
This is our moment, discovering the true scent
of Love... Timeless Love.
Theres no way that we could make the worst.
We're made for each other since our birth.
Look what we've created, a whole family.
But then theres always you and me.
Showing the true face of love, Timeless love.