I want to forget I ever met you
But my conscience won't let me
Every time I see you my hopes soar
With the hope that maybe today will be different
But it never is
The night comes and rips away my hope
Wanting me to end my life
And its will grows stronger
I am giving up the fight
So why do I hold onto to nothingness
A false hope
Something I wasn't supposed to have
A life I wasn't supposed to lead
My path is wove before me
And I don't like what I see
For my past tells the futures story
A road of hardship and broken hearts
For every one I ever loved
Never shared those feelings
But when I met you
You erased that past
But invoked stronger feelings within me
And it's those feelings
That I cry my first tears in 3 years for
What have I done to deserve this
When even the happiest songs throw me into despair
For every thing else I have not a care
It all fades to black
And I am left alone again
Where I started and will most likely end
Destiny has been unkind to me
This backpack of depression weighs me down
And for the second I glance at you it disappears
But as soon as you are gone it gets heavier still
And I continue this trek without will
And my heart bleeds onto my sleeve
But those who see
Stand idle in my pain
And thoughts of happiness are washed away
And I know that I will never forget you