Hired Killers
(Part 1)

Melbourne stepped out of the deli and into the street. He was tall and of average build. White hair, gold eyes, short and wide wire framed dark glasses. Behind him was Angel. She was shorter and a little thinner than he was, but she was smarter. With white hair also, long shimmering waist- length hair. Her eyes were black, also with dark glasses to cover. 'What've we got on schedule today?' asked Melbourne in his light, crisp voice. 'Thomas Jackson, worth 5K, a low level named Chevrias is being blackmailed by him. Says Jackson threatened to expose him. Chevrias is currently living as Jack Shelton and making a good living for himself too, as the manager of TechNet Industries. Put simply, he's rolling in it, so if we do a good job he might give a bonus. ' 'Shall we get on with it then?' 'Yes, I think so. Shall I do the honours this time or you?' 'You, I did it last time.'

Angel and Melbourne stood on the doorstep of 18 Corella Street. Melbourne rang the doorbell and a man with dark black hair arrived at the door. 'Yes?' he asked swinging out the screen door. Angel, quick as lighting grabbed him by the neck and killed him in an instant, snapping his neck with a single hand. 'This isn't him.' Said Angel. 'He has a name tag on - Mike Greene.' Angel and Melbourne steppe inside the house to find a short, skinny man walking down his staircase. He looked up, took one glance at the duo with their white hair and dark sunglasses. 'Oh no.' Angel easily jumped the two metre climb up the stair case and landed several steps above the man, snatching his nametag as she did. It read - Thomas Jackson. Jackson tried to run downstairs but was immediately met by Melbourne, already blocking his way. He turned to run upstairs again- 'I can take on the girl.' He thought. But before he could even touch her he felt Angel's razor-sharp claws sinking into his stomach, then with the other hand through his heart. Angel and Melbourne evaporated in a shimmer of white light. About a minute later Thomas Jackson passed away, and their deed was done.

To Be Continued.

By Saxon Drury-Godden