Hired Killers
(Part 2)

Angel and Melbourne were back in their Sydney home, counting money. 'I've got 32K on my pile, what do you have?' '38K, I think.' Melbourne replied. Okay, chuck me three grand and we'll be even. Melbourne threw Angel three bundles of notes, each comprised of twenty fifty-dollar notes. 'We have near 300 thou in the bank now, Melbourne. Let's start actually spending a little of this cash, we've been saving for ages. We can't, Raven said he might be able to get us the power of fire, at quite a high level too. Fire is one of the most desired powers, and I want to get my hands on it. Once we have it, we can start charging a little more, move a bit more up-market. Right now or reputation is on the rise, we have to keep it up. Someday we could be working for the pros. We might even have people to work for us, eventually. We have to save.' 'I understand, nut if Raven can do one of us for $500,000, won't he do one of us for a quarter-mill?' 'Well.yes, he actually said that exactly, but we can't. We agreed we'd get it at the same time, otherwise one of us would be weaker. We have to save.' 'I have a better idea.' Said Angel, sidling cosily up to Melbourne. Quick as a flash, Angel's claws sprung out and she plunged them through Melbourne's chest, puncturing his lungs. 'I don't need you. I have what I need now and I'm powerful enough to take anyone on - well at least I will be when I have a little firepower. As Melbourne breathe in his final few breaths, Angel headed to the door, two backpacks in hand - one was hers, the other Melbourne's. Between them they held 70K. As she reached the door, Angel turned and look at Melbourne. These were the last words he heard. 'By the way, Melbourne. Even if we both had fire, you still could never come up to scratch with me, I'm more powerful, I always have been and now - I always will be. Goodbye, Melbourne.'