(Where's Ya) New York Cool

Who doesn't need a scapegoat?
I hate it all
But that never stops it
If we're all the same
Then there's no one to forgive
No one to remember
No one to regret.

All this time
I've wasted mine
Everyone's a fool
Everything's a game
I don't want to give it name
But the birth makes it real
Forget it.

Tell a story
Never stop pretending
Grime on your face
Grease in my hair
New York's cool this time of year
No one said it's easy
No one said it was me.

Death's a whore
Tart her up
Give her voice
She'll tell the world
What you did wrong
Nails scrape your skin
Now she's gone.

Everything's so easy
Everything's complex
Summer's cool
Winter's gone
Start it all somewhere near the end
I can't pretend
You're not around.

Let's leave
Listen to his voice
Everyone tells you it's all the same
Where's the end
Mea maxima culpa
Sorry, I don't regret
Was it me in the end?

'The End Has No End'
Perhaps I'll live forever
That's what we're all about
We don't give a fuck
We all wanna get a life
All together
Sing the song
Anthem again…

-By Jade Black. Feedback's greatly appreciated. Please review.