Jeff and Tanya Revealed

"What is it Jeff, tell me."
The seconds tick away at time as Jeff attempts to catch his breath. He lost his oxygen while escaping from the situation he will soon relate to his wife of four years--Tanya.
Tanya is almost pretty. Beauty seems to be straining to come out like a chick pecking at its eggshell. Long dirty blond hair falls into her gray eyes and on over her shoulders, just touching where her breasts begin to rise. She is presently by the window, and the shadows from the open Venetian blinds falls across her face. She has uttered the above quote, and anxiously awaits a reply.
Jeff's black-as-night hair is smeared on his forehead in a sweaty mess. His black eyes are stung by sweat as if by wasps as he attempts to recapture his breath. His muscles ripple as he pushes the hair out of his eyes. He steps farther into the room as a cloud covers the sun, drowning the room in darkness. Tanya, annoyed, decides to try again for a reply.
"You're sweating like a shower, and you're as hot as my oven--have you been running? The doctor said that was bad for your knees."
"Yes ahhh-hhahh ahhh-hhahhh, huhhh.I have been running ahhh-hhahh."
"Becau-ahh-huhh, hold on, ahh-hhuhh.I've ahh-hhuhh almost caught my breath ahh-hhuhh."
"All right." She remains tense because nothing is right.