Dinner Party Hostess

Soft slender fingers
match her shimmering
scarlet evening gown.
Gracefully they swirl
wine glasses tinkle.
Lipstick, and the chain of rubies
against the paleness of face
laughing, cheekbones alive.

The redness of her nails
The scratching of my skin.
Sharp, they wrench flesh off
and claw blood to soak rags.
Some spill under unseen cracks
and into her freakish eyes
lighting passionate fury
They mock me mock me.

Daintily pick up a fresh glass
of wine off my tray, yes
while helplessly I flail
arms in my eyes but-- blind
glances-- you sweep them in.
Practiced laughter--wait
here it comes.. 'Oh!
Just nail varnish.'

No my dear lady, NO.

Early draft. How can I improve! Tell me, tell me! thx fellas :D