More Questions
Dedicated 2 God

Why is everything so confusing?
Why are people so damned indecisive?
They know what they want,
but when they're about to get it,
they no longer want it.
Is it 'cause variety is the essence
of the life experience
Why do all the assholes get the girls
and the nice guys shafted?
That's one thing I'll probably never know.
Why is it so hard to keep it real?
Especially in a society where superficiality is king
And why the fuck does it matter
what kinda music I listen to,
and the intonation and diction with which I speak?
My skin is still the same color
And I still go through the same struggles you got to, player
And why is our gov't so concerned
with other country's problems and fighting their wars?
When there are munchkins here, going hungry,
unsheltered, uneducated and poor.
And where do I fit in all of this?
Do I just keep doing what I'm doing?
Is there even a plan for a guy like me?
God, I don't really know,
but I think I'm starting to realize
that whatever is going to happen
for whatever reason.
So in the interim, I'll stay here doing what I must
and continuing to ask questions…