Finally Insane

It scares me.

I think I'm really

Going crazy inside

It's like I can't

Control myself anymore,

It used to be I could

Just hide away

The feelings within,

But now they're

Braking out

And I'm really

Scared to think

I'm there,

I'm just not doing

The actions

Just not saying

The words

Just not living

My life.

When I'm like that

I'm crazy,

It's not me.

It's my crazy side.

That time I

Wasn't pretending

That side of me

Is real.

It scares me,

I don't want it there,

I want it to go away,

But I think that's

Not to happen

I'm finally going crazy,

I have been for

The past few days.

Don't know what

Happed to me

Don't know what

My heart is hiding,

Or if anything is

Wrong at all,

Why am I going

Crazy inside?
Why am I living

This life out?

What's wrong with me,

I wasn't pretending.

I think I'm truly

Truly, going