The True Story of...

Snow White

Please listen to me, the King's wife, the evil Queen, however you know me. Although, you many know me better as the 'evil stepmother'" I know what you're thinking but everything, the mirror, the apple, the heart, everything are all misconceptions. I'm innocent, really, I am. Let me explain.

It was the anniversary of my birth(A lady never tells how many years...oh and before I forget, Snow White is my daughter and the king's stepdaughter). But bother that, it was my birthday, I was receiving lovely gifts from every one in the village. Then the beloved king presented me with an absolutely gorgeous piece of reflecting glass. He told me to chant in front of it every day,

'Mirror, mirror on the wall...who's the fairest of them all?'

'You are my queen.' The voice that responded shook me.

A face had appeared in the mirror! I personally wasn't particularly fond of it, but to break my dear King's heart is unthinkable. So I smiled and told him I loved his magical gift.

So, everyday as he watched I chanted and the mirror replied. And everyday he was glowing with self pride in his gift to me. However one day, the routine did not follow through as it past has, and the mirror answered differently.

'For you are not my queen, Snow White is.'

'Snow White!' The King was outraged and called for one of his guards.

'Take this box and lead Snow White into the forest and bring me back her heart.'

Me, always being loving and caring for Snow White, went to the forest where this terrible deed was to be done and I ordered him to tell Snow White to run. Run as far away as she can. When he returned with an empty box, I saw he did as I wished. I was so overjoyed, but then I had not seen nor heard from her in over a year. But then I caught word one day that she was safe, residing in the forest with seven friends. You know them as the seven dwarves.

I tried my best for the King not to hear this, but I fear I failed miserably. He confronted a wiccan nearby and everything concerning the apple and prince is true.

So you see, I'm innocent. But if you ever see my dear Snow White again, give her my love.