A/N: I wrote this when I learned my dog was in the hospital and there was a chance she wouldn't come home. These were my thoughts on it.


I heard the ambulance this morning,
Then I went back to sleep thinking it was someone else and you were still at home.

I listened to my mom get countless phone calls
And just thought her friends missed her at work.

I got a memo at school,
And assumed they wanted me to sing for a school liturgy.

I talked with my dad after school,
And figured he was agitated only because he couldnt sell a car today.

I heard my mom crying upstairs,
And knew that she was watching her soap opera.

My dad looked at me with a strange glance.
One I had only seen him give few times before.

I watched the road on the way to the hospital,
And noticed only that a new movie was coming out.

I walked around the isles, looking at the chipped paint on the ceiling.
I knew you would come out okay.

I looked into the room and saw you lying there,
And figured you would be home in no time flat like many other times before.

I glanced at the numbers on your charts and the graphs moving up and down,
And didn't understand the signs in front of me.

You breathed so serenely and stared back into my eyes.
You looked so normal, so usual, so alive..

My mom and dad hugged me as they carried you away.
I just stared at you like it was a dream and I would wake up.

And you stared back with glassy eyes and whimpering noises;
I did nothing at all.

Your picture is still in my mind. You stared and I stared back,
But I did nothing to ease your pain.

Regret runs through me forever. I never saw you today.
I never even thought something was wrong.

I didn't know this time was different.
I didn't realize you weren't coming back home.

I didn't have the time to say