The night-blanketed sky was dotted with the millions of sparking stars. The view from atop the cliffside was nothing short of breathtaking, and it looked so much comforting to behold from behind the windshield. Yawning, Brendan took his hands off of the wheel, and slowly draped one arm above the headrest of the seat beside him. The blonde woman underneath his arm gave a tired sigh. "Can't you be a bit more original?" she asked, adjusting her glasses.

Brendan rolled his eyes. "Okay, I'll think of something better, Kathrine."

Brendan groaned silently to himself. Everything he tried had failed to get her started. When the flowers only got a thanks from her a week ago, Brendan was contemplating giving up entirely. This was going to be his last attempt at wooing her. If a serene lookout from his car above the city lights did not win Kathrine over, Brendan was calling it quits.

Suddenly, Kathrine grinned. "Hey Brendan, look," she said, pointing out of the windshield and into the sky, "a shooting star."

Brendan's mind immediately switched tracks. "They say they're not stars," he said, hoping she would reply.

"Yeah, they're just rocks and dust from space burning in the ozone," said Kathrine. "You never told me you liked astronomy."

Brendan blinked. "Oh, didn't I?" He murmured, trying his best to sound honest. He could not care less about astronomy, and yet he said, "I love astronomy."

"So do I," Kathrine said. "That's why you brought us out here, isn't it?" she asked with a grin.

"Sure is," said Brendan, resting his hand over Kathrine's.

Kathrine gave a quiet giggle. "All right, that's original enough," she said.

"Yes!" Brendan's brain cheered, "Finally!"

When they looked at each other, it was the first time that they had ever looked into each other's eyes. Something was suddenly pulling them together, something so captivating that neither one of them noticed a bright light racing closer and closer towards them. And right when Brendan opened his mouth to speak, the bright glare shone in the corner of his eyes. Looking out of the windshield, Brendan and Kathrine saw the speeding fireball just in time to reach for the doors.

They both flung their doors open and threw themselves onto the ground, seconds before a massive object shot through Brendan's car, smashing over the windshield and tearing off the hood. The giant chunk of metal crashed into the ground, and skidded a long crater into the land. Almost as soon as it has stopped, a fire suddenly lit up at the arrow-shaped chunk's tip.

Brendan hardly gave the gigantic chunk any notice as soon as he was on his feet again. Leaping over the trunk of his car, Brendan slided onto the other side, and rushed to Kathrine. "Kathrine, are you all right?" Brendan asked.

Kathrine sat up and groaned. "Yeah, I'm fine," she said, quickly staring at the strange heap of metal before them.

Brendan gazed at the alight chunk. "What is that thing?" he asked.

"It looks like some kind of aircraft," Kathrine murmured. "It doesn't look like anything I've ever seen before though."

Suddenly, Brendan figured it out. "It's a UFO," he said quickly. Kathrine studied the craft more carefully, and she eventually agreed with Brendan.

Before they could say another word, a quick hiss filled the air, and steam billowed out of the craft's hull. "Brendan," Kathrine murmured, "I think someone's coming out."

The wide open cliffside left nowhere to run, and Brendan looked at the remains of his car. "I think we'd better hide for now," he said, grabbing Kathrine by the hand and leading her behind his car. They quietly crouched down and peered behind the sides as the craft's hull slowly began to open up a small doorway, unfurling a set of stairs down to the ground below. Brendan and Kathrine watched in silent awe as they saw a crew of figures descend.

As soon as all five of them were on the ground, the one at the front looked around. "I don't recognize this one," he said in a stern, gruff voice. "Where did we land?"

"Past the 719 region," came a deep yet soft voice from the creature behind him.

"Great," said an assertive female voice, "The uncharted area."

One of the shorter creatures looked at the flames coming from the nose of their craft. "Blimey, she's alight," he said. "Best be puttin' 'er out quick."

As the alien rushed to the tip of the craft, the largest of the five suddenly straightened. "Quiet," he said in a low voice, "I thought I heard something.

Immediately, the creature at the front whipped out a slim pistol, aiming it at Brendan's car. "Whoever's hiding behind that landcraft had better show themselves," He ordered.

Brendan and Kathrine did not dare move. "Don't you do anything besides shoot first and ask questions later?" the female asked.

"Shut up, Littich," the alien growled. Turning his attention back on the car, the creature spoke again. "Maybe you didn't hear me."

With that, he fired two shots. Both of Brendan's tail lights were busted in a flash. Brendan had to clamp his hand over Kathrine's mouth to keep her from shrieking.

"I said, come out. Now."

Not wanting to end up like his tail lights, Brendan released Kathrine and slowly raised his hands above the hood of the car. "See? Look at that," said the female, annoyed. "They're unarmed."

"Yeah, we're unarmed," Brendan said loudly, trying to keep his voice clear from the panic that almost made him collapse, carefully rising with Kathrine huddled close behind him as they cautiously crept away from the car.

"They appear to be more frightened than hostile," said the soothing, deep voiced alien.

The lead alien muttered to himself. "Both of you, stay there," he barked, keeping his gun upon them. Brendan and Kathrine dared not move anyway. "Klamor, how's our ship?"

The shorter alien swiftly joined the lead alien's side. "She's got a torn spark belt," he said. "Unless we replace it, she ain't going nowhere."

"So we're stuck here," The female groaned. "Well, isn't that just great."

Unbeknownst to the crew of aliens, Brendan and Kathrine were quietly whispering to one another. "Ask them," Kathrine insisted.

"No way," Brendan whispered back. "I think now we should run while we can."

"But Brendan, they're stranded here. Sure, they're aliens, but we can't just leave-"

"They're aliens with guns, and their leader just fired on us," Brendan quickly pointed out. "I think that's reason enough to leave. Quickly."

"Try to help or I'm not going out with you anymore," Kathrine said firmly.

Brendan groaned. "Hey, excuse me," Brendan said meekly. The five creatures were now focused on him. "My friend-" Kathrine gave Brendan a quick jab with her elbow in the ribs. "-We, just couldn't help but overhearing that you're spacecraft's broken down. We maybe have something you could use to fix it with."

The lead alien looked at his surrounding shipmates. "All right," he said, keeping his pistol on Brendan, "but don't try to pull any tricks."

"Oh don't worry, no tricks," said Brendan shakily as he shuffled backwards to the trunk of his car. Letting the gun-toting alien see his hip, Brendan slowly dipped his hand into his pocket. When the creature snarled and began to put pressure on the trigger, Brendan slowly took his hand out, and jingled his keys in the air, trying his best to smile. Gingerly unlocking the trunk, Brendan reached in and whispered quietly to Kathrine.

"Uhm," Kathrine uneasily began, "What kind of parts do you need?"

"Something like a belt," said the shorter alien. "Flexible and durable."

Brendan rummaged through the accumulated junk in his trunk, thankful that he never got around to cleaning it up. After a minute of searching, Brendan pulled out a pair of bungee hooks. "Would these work?" Brendan asked.

The short creature approached him, and Brendan managed to get a good look at his face for the first time. Wild green hair decorated his head and jaw, with the same pinkish skin of a human. What really caught Brendan's attention was that the creature lacked a nose as he took the cords from Brendan. The creature stretched them a few times, and then said, "Aye, these'll do just nicely. Many thanks," he said before walking back to the ship.

Suddenly, a watch-like device around the lead alien's wrist bleeped. The creature took his pistol's aim off of Brendan to look at it. "Time to eat, everyone," he said, "And we'd better make it quick."

"Finally," said the female, "I'm starving."

Then, turning back to Brendan and Kathrine, the lead alien said, "And until we fix our ship, you two will be joining us."

The thought sent shivers down Brendan's spine. "Thanks for the offer," said Brendan as meekly as he could, "but you know, you seem to be pretty busy right now, and we really don't want to intru-"

Brendan was silenced when the alien held his pistol at him again. Kathrine huddled closer to Brendan, and Brendan groaned. "I hope it's steak."