Mother Nature's Liaison to Life

Rigid, pulsating, blazing embers
Dancing swiftly across the horizon
Tearing and gnawing at the innocent trees
Mere toothpicks in nature's endless game
The children clinging to devastated parents
Watching the life as they knew turn to ash
The monster consumes all that dare oppose it
A slow, painful, vicious death befalls them
And yet they only see the soot covered sky
They only hear the cruel cackle as it rages onward
They only are shown the mass devastation
They know not of the beauty it truly holds
They see not the brilliant colors each ember possesses
Hues of oranges and blues intertwined as one
They hear not the sweet melody sung days later
After the flame has officially sucked its last breath
And they will always be unaware of the majesty
That Mother Nature holds each time a new flame is lit.