The one that got away

Sitting Alone in the night

Darkness encloses me in its firm grip

Tears fall to the dirt drip by drip

Those days.gone.they are out of site

Why did you leave me alone
More tears fall to the ground

Why did you leave without so much as a sound

without you I don't even want to be known

I can still hear your voice

Speaking in that soft sound

You made me happy whenever you were around

It was no one else, IT WAS YOUR CHOICE

I miss those days

I can still feel your warm touch on my face

I miss the way you played with your shoe lace

The thoughts of you still have me amazed

Was it something I said?
Was it the way I was lazy?
Was it something I did?
I loved you so much. I shouldn't of let you get away that easy
I'm sorry that you were the one who went astray
I wish you weren't the one that got away