As I stand here at your grave
Looking and crying
What caused you to do this. Why Why Why.
Why did the pain in your life overwhelm you to this point?
This cold dark death that has you in his cold grip
Is this the knife?
This one on your bed
The one I hold in my hand
The blood still flows down off the blade
Just like my tears
Dripping into the cold dead earth.
Into the ground in which your body lay upon
Why did you do it?
I loved you. And I still love you..
Till death do us part. Well I cant stand being without you
Even in death I will always care for you
What made you do it
Was it the name that cause this?
Capulet and Montague
You thought it was to late for you
You thought when you lost me you lost life
I told you we would always be together
And I ment it.
There is no comfort anymore
No comfort for me
The knife looks so inviting.
You already think I am dead.
So why not make it real?
I will be with you
This knife will guide me to you darling
I miss you too much
And I will show you my true feelings
With this symbol I will prove my love to you
With this symbol we will be together forever
Blood flows down
Like your sorrows mine intertwine with yours
My blood with your blood
My pain with your pain
My tears with your tears
Never ceasing Never stopping
I hope you knew
I hope this is what you expected
If you would die for me then
I will die for you
Alas we were both in too deep
Now for this I can not live without you
This is my blood flowing for you
My blood flows like kegs of red wine
Its only stopping point is when we walk side by side
Hand in hand
We will once again be Romeo and Juliet.