How could she love you
When you've hurt her so?
You pass her
And she gives you
A pained smile
Which you never see
But she prays that someday
You'll see

She's loved you
So long
And she can't let you go
Even though you've already
Forgotten her
Forgotten the words
You said to her
And her friends think she's crazy
To look at you that way

Love's a crazy thing

She cries in her bed
Praying for your touch
For your smile
For you to just look at her
That way once again

You don't see her
You don't see her tears

Eventually others notice
They see her fall apart
Yet you've drifted away
So you can't see her
You can't see her pain

Crazy, crazy
She's completely crazy
Everyone agrees
She's been crazy for a long time
Crazy over you

How could you abandon her?
If you could only see
That look in her eyes
When she dares to glance
Over her shoulder
To try to meet your gaze

No chance
You look away

Tears fill her eyes
As she is pushed away
And she knows she's crazy
She can feel it in her blood
Because she can't get over you
She's become
Too crazy

Denied your touch
Denied that hope
Denied anything she'd dreamed of
All she has
Are her crazy thoughts
And her crazy love for you

Because after all
Is said and done

Love's nothing more
Than the craziest thing