Brown color, mild like milk coffee,
Bright colored wrapping,
But even nicer within the covering,
Beckoning smell; irresistible candy.

A sweet taste in my mouth, marvelous,
A feeling of pleasure, even ecstasy,
As I savor this wonder, so sugary,
A tang of exotic spice, fabulous.

Memories, of cold winter evenings,
Mildly warmed by the hot drink of a delicacy,
Made from that same exquisite extravagancy:
Milk, sugar, and what the foreign wind brings.

Chocolate, love of my life, unique in essence,
Candy, sweets, treats galore, to please the most avid soul,
Can none match this dessert, making all other seem foul?
Chocolate: my favorite food, on which I have certain dependence.

Fattening, true, but the delight is too great,
For when I savor, be it only a little, this treat,
Feelings go away, to make place for my silent defeat,
For the addiction conquers me and I fall to my amusing fate.

To ever wish for a silly candy, a silly sweet,
To long for the savor of a mere trinket compared to what I possess,
The most ordinary thing today has become the thing I bless,
The thing I love most, most desire to eat.

It is funny, doubtless, but I enjoy it so much,
Irresistible, I know it will make me sick one day,
I'll eat it nevertheless; the desire is too great to keep at bay,
It is like the food of gods, sweet and even soft to the touch.

AN: Is it hard to notice that I love chocolate? Well, dunno if this is good
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