AN: A poem.about drug addiction, it's been spinning in my head for quite a
while so do review.

I wake, every morning, with only one thought in my mind,
About the thing I desire so, turning me blind
With longing and addiction. It is forbidden yet I love it
Too much to give it up: it flows through my blood and spirit.

Idly taking some again, oh the pleasure, but it is too brief,
I wish I could have more, and I always want more to numb my grief,
It costs, but I couldn't care less, I need it so awfully.
Money comes and I use it only for the drug which fulfills me.

That feeling of man can bring,
That feeling of freedom, that wish to sing,
Leap of joy and fly away, is one of a kind,
And for it I give all I can possibly find.

It ruins me; my body, my mind, my soul,
It devours, but in an instant makes me whole,
A mere touch, a flash of pain, is all it needs,
To make me forget how my entire life bleeds.

It overcomes the pain of my existence,
At the price of my very conscience,
To fall to eternal sleep, after feeling pleasure,
Knowing that, I still love this treasure.

The treasure of delight, of bliss,
No love, no touch, no kiss,
Has the same effect on my poor being,
So I just reach once again, for the solace the drug brings.

A fatal love, that poison coursing through my veins,
The irony, of the curse taking away my pains,
Makes me laugh while I pierce my flesh,
Thinking I will soon feel as new, all sweet and fresh.

Every time I am proved wrong, but every time,
I make the same mistake, I commit the same crime.
I am a fool, I know it, but it's too late,
I have fallen to my addiction's inevitable fate.

AN: So? I think it's quite good..I think it shows the. 'other side', I
mean.the drug addicts must feel like that. luckily wouldn't know and by
goddess I never will, lol.