He is gone, gone and left me all alone,
Behind in the void that is my soul.
Strike away the candle flame that once lit the darkened rooms.
The candle-bearer no longer can champion away the night.
His light has dimmed to a dull throbbing glow.
Cold drafts bluster about the chambers leaving them in icy cold.
Up abouve my head he soars,
Through the clearest of cloudless skies
Lies the place of Welcoming
This haven for the candle-bearer is his destination
He is joyful in his approach
With tender light-footed steps guiding his ascent,
He cannot fail
Nor shall he, for he is my candle-bearer
He must remain my guide
The guilt!
Oh the guilt that will plague my existence!
The pain that I was not there!
Distressed was I when knowledge of your passing
Did indeed reach my ears
How DARE he attempt such foolishness?
How DARE he even DREAM of such nonesense!
Why? Why do this?
Why even THINK this?
You cannot take him from me!
We were fine! Just fine!
And yet sadness has no other name
Other than that which has been lost.
Suffering can come as no other pain,
Other than that which it is now.
Guilt has run rampant long enough
Too much damage has been done.
Through the fleeting moments passed,
Time has elapsed.
Destruction has occured
The mangy cur of death
Has come and done its deed
To beseech it of its mercy
Is to aggravate its anger.
Bringing death's sickle faster.
Done upon the bared neck and throat,
Blood bursts forth
Coloring all in its red cloak.
The crimson haze spreads onto all.
But blood does not come into play,
No not here it does not stay.
There was no wound for it to drip
Only one deep inside the proverbial 'heart'
The wound of emotion
The deep threat of guilt
It comes by no other name
The sadness was and is the same
There is no one left to pass on the blame.
Only me, only myself, only I.
Plus those who kept me away.
Adding those quarrels left on the fray.
This equals nothing but that,
Sadness has no other name.