He lives only three houses away
But I cannot find the words to say
I think about him all the time
And that is why I'm making this rhyme
I wish I could kiss his full lips
You should hear the sound my heart makes as it rips
Because now you're leaving, and I won't see you as much
But I'll always be thinking of your touch
Why can't I just tell you the way I feel?
Then our relationship could be real
It won't be a figment of my imagination
If only I could extend the invitation
I dream of you holding me in your arms, my head resting in the hollow of your chest
If only I could put these feelings of lust at rest
What will I do while your far away?
I won't be able to live each day
I'm going to miss you
I don't know what to do
I know I should put these feelings aside
But they will not hide
They come out unexceptedly
Why don't you love me?
When will we be together?
I want to know the answer, but I have a feeling it will be never
If only I had gotten to know you better when you were hear
Then perhaps right now you would be near
Maybe I could have been writing this poem with you by my side
You could have helped me out, you could have been like a guide
We would have been laughing and holding each other
But instead I'm only with my father, my friend, and my mother
I'm writing this poem and thinking of you
Why do you have to make me so blue?