"Land Of The Rising Son"
When Charlie comes down,
There will be no playing around,
No matter how hard you try to understand,
We are talking serious business.

Step away while the grown ups talk,
About spreading a sickness.
International terrorist,
This is a serious walk.

I want to show you what I look like,
In a downsized corporate costume,
When everybody's scared,
They always seem to consume,
More than we can produce,
This is a cyclical, setting sun,
We call America.

And doesn't it make you proud,
To fly that flag,
And prove to everyone that you support the Army?

And all the while we don't,
Support them ourselves,
The sun is setting on America,
And it's killing me.

At the sight of our leader,
I jump off the cliffs,
Of proverbial, anemic brain stems,
And everything bad overwhelms them.

But while I'm trying to comprehend,
What good you've seen in him,
I couldn't think straight anymore,
Because America has become,
A setting, freezing, sun...

America the beautiful,
Be the beautiful whore you are,
And spread your legs to the stars,
And hope by tomorrow you've been,
All that you can be,
And not just to me,
Everybody in the world has seen your scars...

There's no use in hiding the past.