I'm writing this story completely as fiction. I'm aware that the Buffalo Sabres are an actual hockey team, but the characters in my story are in no way, shape or form real. Although Trent being a real person would be nice, but anyway, I hope this doesn't break any rules, because that's the last thing I'm trying to do. Hope you enjoy. The first chapter or two will probably be a little boring, but hey, its background stuff :P


Buffalo, New York

Early September

"Miss Mitchell, I'd like those typed up and back to me before the Sports Report begins," a tall, middle aged, slightly over-weight balding man explained as he threw a stack of papers on young Natalie Mitchell's cluttered desk.

"Of course, Mr. Waldermyer," she said back, taking the papers and placing them onto her lap.

She looked around her desk for an open spot. She laughed to herself, 'ha, me, have a clean spot on my desk. Never!'

It was well known that the young, but creative assistant of the Buffalo Sports Network was a messy, but quick-witted young lady. At the current age of twenty-four, Natalie had her bachelor's degree in the Communication-Arts field and shot her way up through the company, starting off at as a secretary for the network a little less than two years ago.

Natalie had always been a fan of sports, especially Buffalo sports teams. Sure, they never really had ever been lucky, but the fans were always loyal around the Western New York area and that's what always captured her interest.

She never had a problem with being behind the scenes at the network. In fact, she enjoyed it. She had never really applied herself to the position of anchor or in that case, never even considered being an anchor at the station. She just figured she'd do better without a camera in her face. She'd been pestered time and time again to just try out, but her fear of public speaking always got in her way.

Growing up, she never really enjoyed attention anyway. At 5'8", she was taller than most girls she knew and always ended up attracting the males 5'5" and under. She didn't need to be broadcast so the munkins would come out of the woodwork. Nope, she was perfectly fine with her job, she loved it. She got to take her own breaks, everyone loved her at the station, and she was never late for work. In no time at all, she believed, she'd be relaxing in her own office and enjoying the company of her own mini-fridge.

A half an hour had passed since her boss Rich Waldermyer, had intruded on her football stats research, and now he was back.

"I'm sorry, but I haven't had time to finish-" she said as she tried to explain her unfinished work.

"Don't worry about that Natalie, you need to get yourself down to hair and make-up ASAP."

Natalie stopped in her tracks, still enclosed in her five-foot high cubicle walls. "Don't um…anchors only have to go there?"

Rich nodded quickly, urging her to hurry down the hallway, "and surprise, you're our anchor woman today, Nat. Now get down there!"

Natalie began walked, taking long strides. She turned around and asked, "what happened to Rebecca?"

Natalie was referring to BSN's normal anchor-woman Rebecca Hargrove. She covered mostly just the Buffalo Sabres, the hockey team, but from time to time did a football stint every now and then. Athletes loved to be interviewed by her and give her their attention, Rebecca was a beautiful girl. She had long red hair that made the fellas go to sleep dreaming of her. When she wasn't working at the station, she'd be mingling somewhere with some high-priced athlete and company. Rebecca enjoyed attention, especially from multi-millionaire athletes.

"She quit. I guess she fell in love with some hockey player down in Philly and left us like that," he said, snapping his fingers.

Natalie nodded, turning her head in the direction of where she was headed. She was attempting to comprehend everything at once. She turned back to her boss once more, "so I'm going on television?"

"Yea, Nat," Rich nodded, "You're gonna be live, so…keep your head up. I got faith in you"

Natalie nodded and resumed walking, "live?"

As Natalie took her seat in the hydraulic chair, she was pumped up to level with the huge mirror that showed her reflection. She caught sight of her refection in the mirror and thought to herself, 'anchor women don't have black hair and green eyes, that's too not normal.'

Anchor women usually had a short, manageable haircut, accompanied with the always important blonde highlights. Natalie sighed to herself and watched Andrea, the hairstylist work on her long locks of wavy blackness, 'I definitely don't have the blonde highlights.'

"You have beautiful hair, Natalie. I think you're gonna be hit from today on," Andrea commented, adding some hair spray.

Natalie froze again, "from today on? I thought this was just a one time thing?"

Andrea kept her mouth closed. It was more than obvious that Natalie didn't get the news that she was the new Sabres' girl. She'd be the one traveling with the team. She'd be the one in the locker room after every game, seeing all the players naked. She'd be the one to make the Sabres' her team. Andrea shrugged, "I guess I just figured you'd keep doing this, you know, since Rebecca left."

Natalie nodded, trying to calm herself down. Andrea's suspicions had done the complete opposite of that.

"You know, if you did end up doing the Sabres thing full time it wouldn't be too bad. I mean, we have one of the youngest, but talented teams in the NHL, so there are plenty of young men out there for you to catch. And with odds of 1 to 14, you'd be set," Andrea commented as she moved onto Natalie's makeup.

Natalie tried to shrug out a laugh, but a smirk was all she could muster, "I don't need any other guys, Andrea, I got Mark. Yea," Natalie said to herself, "he's all I need."

"Well good for you. At least we know you won't be leaving us for some hockey player," Andrea joked.

Natalie smiled, "that's a definite."