Thirteen months later

Trent Gilmour couldn't keep his hands off it.

The Stanley Cup was in his backyard, in his possession for the day and would have his name engraved on it for the rest of its existence. The Buffalo Sabres finally managed to win the Stanley Cup, four games to two games against the Colorado Avalanche. The series was tough, but in the end, everything worked out.

He felt a pair of lips kiss the side of his face quickly. He looked up to see his wife of four months admiring the cup with him. "You better not run away with it," she joked.

He pulled her onto his lap quickly, kissing her neck slowly, "why would anyone want to run away when they have you, Nattie?"

Natalie kissed her husband back. "We still have a couple hours until the guys start coming over," she said, referring to the party they were having at their house for the team.

"What are you saying, Mrs. Gilmour?" Trent teased, playing with her hair.

"Last one to the bed's a rotten egg!" Natalie said, sticking out her tongue as she ran into the house. Trent took one look back at the Cup. He had everything he'd ever wanted. A Stanley Cup, a beautiful house, a great job and above all, a wife who made him the happiest man on planet Earth every single day.

They had gotten married over the all-star break. The wedding was attended by tons of hockey players, family and of course, friends. It was sweet and special and then Trent got to compete in the all-star game, so it ruled out any type of honeymoon. They had each other and they were happy.

And with love, that's all you need.