The Luna Moon

Part One: The Nightmare

Chapter One

"Immortal! Look out!" the girl screamed. Keseiko snapped around and saw a white glow sweeping across the road.
"Don't worry! It's only Shade." Keseiko smiled as the white glow took form as a Life Immortal. "Shade," Keseiko was annoyed. He wasn't supposed to be here.
"What?" Shade smiled and walked towards Keseiko. "I only came here to seal our fate as one."
"What?" Keseiko backed away and bumped into the girl. Keseiko stood protectively in front of her and built her power up. She raised her arms and twirled around, forming black fire around herself and the girl.
"No!" Shade extended his hand and a shot of white light beamed forward. Keseiko smiled as the light faded, not doing anything. "I'm not the danger!"
Keseiko pushed her arms out and a dark shadow surrounded her and the girl. 'Nice try, Shade', Keseiko whispered across Shade's mind. Keseiko felt a tap on her right shoulder. The girl smiled. She brought out a pure silver knife.
"Death doesn't kill someone who lives as Death. Only Life . . " The girl raised the knife above her head. Keseiko was suddenly aware she was lying on the ground. Silver blood dripped down her cheeks and forehead. The moon was dark to her horror. This was an Immortal Sacrifice, the only way to kill any moon immortal.
The girl brought the down the knife and plunged it into Keseiko's heart.

Keseiko snapped up sweating. The dreams were getting worse. Keseiko tried easing herself, but to no avail. The moon's light was no where to be seen.

'This is so Humanfleshy,' she thought. 'Since when are you afraid for no reason?' It had to be because of the moon. She always felt uneasy when it was dark. Knowing she'd never get back to sleep, Keseiko put on her silky, black robe and her black, fluffy slippers. She opened her door quietly and tip-toed down the hall. She peeked in Kai's room, then Koneko's. Once she was sure they were asleep, she cupped her hands and softly blew them. Instantly a small sphere glowed. She quickly put her hands together. When she took them apart, there was a black outline. 'Good, only I can see the light.' She slowly crept down the stairs and went into the kitchen. She opened the cupboard and pulled out a black mug. She went over to the refrigerator and pulled out some chocolate milk. She opened it and poured herself half a glass. She closed the cap and put it away. She carried her cup over and started to open the microwave. She stopped. She hesitated, then stared at the cub. Bubbles start appearing; it was boiling. She smiled and drank. Vile flavors filled her mouth, and she spit it out. That taste . . she knew it. What was it? She blew on her light and the light extended. It was blood. She felt herself become light-headed and wheezy. She grabbed onto the counter for support.

"Kai! Koneko!" she screamed. Soon, a tired Kai and a pissed off Koneko appeared.

"What the hell is going on?!" Koneko placed her hands on her hips. She was still in her night clothes, which were silky, leopard print. She had on matching slippers and a tan robe. Her hair was messy, and her tail looked like it hadn't been brushed in a century.

"Keseiko? Why are you up?" Kai, also mad, demanded. She had on an ice- blue nightgown, the same color slippers, a white robe, and her hair and tail was messier than Koneko's.

Keseiko couldn't speak. Trembling, she pointed to the blood. 'I was . . .I . . .' she couldn't even telepath it.

Kai snapped up and searched Keseiko's mind.

"Kai?" Koneko asked.

"She came in here and made hot chocolate. It happened to taste bad, as normal. But, when she spit it out, it was blood. Not just any blood, and immortal's blood."

"Gross! I feel sorry for her!" Koneko made a face.

"Koneko! Catch Kesei!" Kai yelled.

Koneko looked up and saw Keseiko fall. She caught her, picked her up, and carried her over to the couch. She felt the back of her ears; they were warm.

"She's having a reaction, a bad one!" Koneko yelped and snapped her hand away. "It burns . . now."

"Damn. Then it is an immortal's blood."

Koneko went to a closet and brought out a white sleeping bag. "Bad blood, her crazy dreams, and not being able to control herself? I don't like it." She grabbed two more white sleeping bags and a huge duffel bag.

"Where are we going?"

"To the caves."

"Why? No one's after us!"

"No one?"


"Fine. Call it a suspicion. Plus, I've been looking for an excuse to get out of this neighborhood for awhile." Koneko pointed at a bunch of candles, which immediately flew into the duffel bag.

"Okay. I'll help pack." Kai brought out three small purses, one blue, one black, and one tan. She opened them and closed her eyes. Within seconds, their wardrobes and stuff were neatly in there with plenty room to spare. "What about food?"

"Get rid of everything in the fridge."


"All." Not waiting for Kai, Koneko's eyes flashed purple, sending the refrigerator to flames then dust.

"Why did you do that?"

"Simple. No more immortal blood for a cat!" Koneko glared at Kai. "Got a problem with that?"

"No! None at all!"

"Good." Koneko picked up the duffel bag. "Then let's hit the wind." She walked over and picked up Keseiko, then threw the bag to Kai. Her eyes turned clear and they both evaporated.

Kai rolled her eyes and picked up the bag and the purses. "Right behind you," she mumbled, then also evaporated.

* * * * * * * * *

In the caves, Koneko and Kai were worried about Keseiko. She was burning up badly, and no matter what they did, her temperature rose higher and higher. Things weren't good. Kai and Koneko retired for the night, tucked in their sick sister, then went to bed.

Koneko felt weird, but she wasn't alarmed. She knew it was the quiver of her power. Koneko cleared her mind, welcoming the feeling. As she allowed the fatigue overcome her, she felt the feeling spread all through her body. She closed her eyes in anticipation. When she opened them, she was in the middle of her power explosion. She was alone. The walked around, hoping for some idea what it meant. After what seemed like an eternity, she came upon a road. As she walked up it, she heard a gasp of pain coming from in front of her. She stopped. She heard it again. She ran towards the sound. She turned many corners and streets, and then she came upon a girl that wasn't facing her. The girl had black hair. The girl was wearing all black and on the back of her neck was a tattoo. It was a filled in, yellow circle with a cross through it, and an X in between the spaces.

As Koneko became closer, she saw it wasn't on her neck, but on her shoulder. The tattoo seemed oddly familiar to Koneko. As she was close enough to touch her, the girl turned around and jumped back. The girl seemed confused. Who was she? That's when Koneko noticed a tattoo next to the girl's eye. It was a dark blue diamond with blue streaks of scare tissue on each side of the points.

The girl's clothes were torn and ragged. She was black and blue from what Koneko assumed to be a fist fight. Blood tricked down the girl's face from deep wounds.

"Where am I?" the girl asked. "Who are you? I was supposed to be dead! I was destroyed in a battle!" The girl stared at Koneko. "And why do you seem so familiar? Have we met?"

Koneko said, "I don't know what happened to you. It looks painful. Do you remember anything that happened?"

The girl smiled. "No, all I remember was it being dark and I wasn't alone. I remember pain beyond measure and silver blood."

Koneko gasped. "Silver blood?"

"Yeah. I don't understand though," the girl smiled. "How did you get here?"

"I'm going through a stage of my powers."

"Oh. Will you help me?"

"I'll try." 'At least I'll be able to help this poor girl,' she thought. "Here, give me your hand." The girl seemed hesitant. "Don't worry. I won't hurt you."

The girl beamed with happiness and trust. The girl smiled and grabbed Koneko's hand. A whirl of pictures invaded Koneko's mind. Koneko stumbled back and tried to catch her balance. She fell and blacked out.