Know the song we hold most dear

Brings about our darkest fear

Gives us hope of life and peace

But our loss does not decrease

Someone's loss, another's gain

Taking pleasure, giving pain

Pleasure, pain, and peace and life

Joined together like man and wife

Peace and life are ever one

With pain and death since time begun

Death and spite and fear and pain

Drenching all in bleak disdain

Life and light and peace and love

Flying like a gentle dove

Life and death and peace and war

All of us know what they're for

War brings peace like burning fire

Love bring hatred without ire

Life bring death, a gentle rose

Living brings us all these woes

Without one they all are lost

Peace and war, all have their cost

Hope and fear, they all are kin

Love and hate, no one can win

Song of death, ages old

Brings us life, as foretold

This the song that we must hear

Hate with love and hope with fear.