The footsteps of children echo down the halls,
The laughter of girls bounce of the walls,
The wailing of baby's an ignored cry,
Deprived of love, a bad way to die,
A photo hangs still, glass is shattered,
Window shutters blow, broken and battered,
A lullaby drifts throughout the house,
Like smoke it curls, all about,
Its wraps like tentacles, sucks out the life,
Its causes all the sadness, and begins all the strife,
The lake it of tears, from many crying souls,
So many people, who just wish to be whole,
The trees sway gently, the wind rustle leaves,
So many locked doors, yet only one key,
A mirror lay, cracked upon the floor,
So many faces trapped, yet it still seeks more,
Secrets lay about, lusts and loves,
So many people, for who the world was to tough,
The singing of silence, the sound of air,
Too many secrets, not meant to be bared,
Cover up the hate, the tears and evil,
Learn to love, even just a little.
By Siobhan
Date: 27/9/2003