Life and Me
James L Lagoski

This life and me have had many clashes
Burned so much I feel like a book of matches
Around and around I have found the story goes
Does it stop or end-they say nobody knows
More than once I have been around the block
Got on the ground after hearing the hammer cock
But I have never seen nothing like this before
The seas of blood are washing up onto the shore
Whenever I take a moment and try to view reality
Filling mental scrap books to their full capacity
Optical illusions painting visions in your mind
The story of your life when you leave this all behind
I'm not materialistic so go ahead and take it all
Can't you see I'm busy taking bricks out of the wall
Used for stepping stones to climb out from this hole
So I can find the pieces that are missing from my soul
Seems every day that I become a little more aware
Of the little things I can't see yet know are there
I may get discouraged but have always forged ahead
I've wanted to retreat but never have I fled
Afraid the worlds dying because that is death I smell
And there are many stories that I have yet to tell