tinuruan mo ang puso ko na umibig ng tunay.

(for the one who taught me what it is to love)

you know how this goes.

this is where i count your every breath and match it to my own. this is how i watch my feet, looking down every few steps just to pretend i walk with you. this is where i tell you about the nights i've spent writing your name next to mine, matching syllables to syllables and letters to words to rhymes to poetry. this where i confess.

this is where i write, pouring blood into ink and heart into paper. this is how the calluses on my hands speak of furious poems and dream sequences and novels that bleed into my soul, etching words of fire and smoke and silver sword edges cutting into me like your voice in my dreams. this is when i find every excuse to watch you, to say your name in whatever sentence i may speak next.

this where your name burns itself into my skin, like your hand on mine when it leaves a glaring reminder that i belong to you and only you. this is what i will promise you, stars beyond your fingers, galaxies innumerable, suns to wear in your hair and comets to hang from your ears. for you, i will bring down the moon.

this is for every single wish i've made for, about and to you. this is for all the dandelions, birthday candles and falling stars i've ever piled hopes and intentions and dreams (all of you) upon. this is for our future, our forever that will be laid out in front of us as a shining path that we will dance on all throughout, because we know exactly where we are going.

this is how i will write you my letters, on blades of grass with morning dew. this is how i will sing you to sleep, by bribing the stars outside your bedroom window to chime their symphony for you and only you. this is how i will love you, as fierce as sunfire, as consuming as a typhoon, as beautiful and as dangerous as lightning itself.

you know how this goes. you know who you are. you know how i do.