The sun came up brighter that morning
I smiled as I saw it wink at me
I looked in my draw, found the cutting knife
And contemplated the reason of life

I ate my toast with butter
Saltiness reminding me of past tears
I saw the silver glint on the knife tip
Thought things over while chewing my lip

Pondered suicide, realised I was scared
Decided murder was the perfect choice
I finished my tea in my porcelain cup
And got up to do the washing up

I slammed and locked the door behind me
And I smiled as I searched for the 'thing'
I found it easily stumbling by
I shouted and screamed, declared it to die

I took the knife and held it strong
At the 'thing' that had tried to kill me
I stabbed its heart, black sludge spilled out
Leaking anger, tears, fears and doubt

This fear had grasped me for so many years
Finally I had killed this monster of a memory
Happiness shall now walk in its path
Reminding me 'don't embrace the past'

N.B.- You may be a little confused and freaked out and wondering what the
hell I'm writing about, if so, keep reading.this poem is about a memory I
have, something that happened in my past that has constantly been with me
everyday making me feel like giving up (committing suicide).
But then one day I woke up and suddenly it was gone, it wasn't a problem
anymore, I had killed it, it doesn't upset me like it did.
Anyway, please review if you would be so kind! I know the rhyming and flow
of words is off but please no flames. (