By:Andrew Troy Keller

I was born in the year
1782--33 years before the night of fear,
In which I've had my first encouter with a creature
Known as a vampire--
One that was born way before that year.

She was quite a devilish beauty,
Whose face has masked how evil she
Really was.She had approached me in 1815
And I've had no idea that she was a queen
Of the damned,until she had drained me.

After that,I've had no other
Choice,but to drain blood from other
Human beings in order to survive.
But then,in the year 1915,
I was roaming around Paris,where I've found her.

As in another vampire named Dominique,
Whose beauty was truly quite unique.
She was the one who had taught me
What type of hunter I should really be.
And during such teachings,I had fallen in love with Dominique.

And ever since that first day,
We had remained together for many days
Afterwards.As for the lessons that
Had taught me,we had decided that
We should put them to the test one day.

And that day was in the year 1975,
When the City of New York was alive
With the blood of many humans.
One night,we had met a woman
Named Melody,while we were listening to a song entitled 'Staying Alive'.

After we had gone to every club that was on the map
Of the city,we had invited Melody to our place for a nightcap.
And after we've had a few drinks,we had gone into
The bedroom,where we were able to do
What we always do with those who had fallen into our little trap.

After we had removed all of our clothes and placed our nude
Bodies on the bed,I had taken her unlike one who was taken by a rude
Mongrel.Her skin was so beautiful and soft.
And we both agreed that she was the most beautiful woman in our loft.
That was how we had taken her without being so crude.

And then,after we had assured her that there was nothing to dread,
We had drove our fangs into her and drained the deepest,purest red
Out of her body.After the dark deed has been done,
Both Dominique and I had looked at each other and became one
With our victim,Melody Newstead.

And then,we had suddenly realized that she was a reporter
Working for a newspaper entitled The Plain Dealer,
Whose home office was in Cleveland,
Ohio.And so,we had decided to change lands
And go to continue the job for her.

And so,after we had arrived in the city of Cleveland,
We had decided to attend a concert by a Rock Band
Known as Motley Crue.That was where we had met Katrina,
A former high school student who was working in a
Talent agency,whose clients were Rock Bands.

After the band had played one of its many hits,
We had taken her into the restroom,where it
Was private enough for us to enjoy our latest conquest.
After I had drove my fangs into her,I discovered that she was from the west
Side of the city--and was glad to be away from it.

And while I was draining the blood out of her body,
I've looked at how she had reacted to Dominique,while she
Was licking all the way up to Katrina's lovely neck.
But then,instead of giving her a lethal peck,
Dominique has decided to let her body flow within Katrina's body.

And after it was all over,
I had suddenly realized that we had gained more than a lover,
For after our bloody deed was done
And the three of us had indeed became as one,
I had noticed that we had--in a way--produced a daughter.

Then suddenly,what Katrina said had shaken me to the core,
For her first words as a vampire were,"I want some more."
And then,my beloved Dominique had looked at me
And was truly able to see
That I don't want to be a vampire anymore.

And so,after she had deeply thought about it,
Dominique had realized that there was only way for me to get out of it.
The both of us must find the vampire queen,
Who had bewitched me back in the year 1815
And force her to release me from it.

And with that,we've traveled from town to city--
And so far,we've found no sign of pain,suffering or misery.
But that was before we've arrived in Romainia,
Which is now known as Transilvainia
And discovered that the vampire queen was linked to a certain period in history.

She was once a part of King Arthur's
Court in Camelot--and she was looking forward to her
Romantic rendezvous with her beloved Sir Tristin.
Suddenly,without warning,a witch named Morgan Le Fey had tossed into a world of sin
And cursed her into being a vampire forever.

And so,since we were unable to find a cure
For my ailment,I now have no choice,but to make sure
That I don't harm an innocent human being,
Or he'll be what I had became after that dreadful meeting
With the one who had attacked me--a bloodsucking vampire.

As for who I am,my name is Jonathan McGee--
And after 160 years of seeing what no human being was able to see
With his very own eyes,I could honestly tell you
That it's time for me to really start my life anew
And see where this new life is willing to take me.