A Watch's Heartbeat

Soft silver pressed against my palm,
As I watch the silent world outside.
Your whispers call back to me,
And I remember a much happier time.

We lived by our own rules,
Glowing in the essence of youth.
Warm words and simple smiles,
Filling our unchanging days.

The whole world was unveiling,
Shining in your perfect smile.
Life's small faiths and ambitions,
Forever etched in our waking hearts.

The stormy dark night stole our radiance,
As the ice and snow subtly grew thicker.
The car screeched, making my heart pound,
Beating in time with your ticking watch.

The feeling is almost unbearable, numbing,
But I promised to always keep you in my heart.
Holding the watch close to my pained face,
I hear the sound that I know will never die.

I set down your dearest lasting possession,
Setting the past in a sweet box of history.
You always told me to reach for my dreams,
So I carry on towards the horizon.

And the pulse slowly fades into oblivion....