Beautifully Dying

Distressed and unhappy with living a lie
Clinging desperately to the shiny blade
Marissa Abraham life has gone awry
All she wants is the pain to fade

The blade slides along her neck like butter
Just as her twin strolls in
Before words Larissa could utter
The leaking of the blood begins

"Sister dear, have you gone mad?"
Cutting yourself with a knife.
So when things get bad,
You're trying to end your life?"

"I'm sick of being a whore
Or are you to blind to see
I know in life there's more
Than letting dirty men screw me!"

The bleeding continues to seep out slowly
Like gradually falling teardrops
Larissa knows her sister is lowly
As she attempts to make the blood stop

"Please don't die sister dear
I need you!"
Death was dangerously near
Making Larissa worst fear true

"I love you," Marissa squeaks
As dead she became
Larissa commences to weep
For herself she blamed

Taking the blade in hand
In the back of her mind she knew
She hope everyone would understand
What she had to do

Stabbing herself in the heart
Death consumed Larissa
For she couldn't be apart
From her twin sister Marissa