Celebrating The Holiday
By:Andrew Troy Keller

Have you ever had one of those days
When some things had never gone your way?
That was what happened Katherine York,
One of the executives at the New York-
Based Marvel Comics on Thanksgiving Day.

She was suppossed to go to her
Parents' house for Thanksgiving dinner.
But that was before they had
Gotten other ideas and flew to her pad
And celebrate Thanksgiving with her.

At first,everything was going okay.
But then,during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day
Parade,her mom does something crazy,like
Asking the one neighbor with the bike
To join them in celebrating the holiday.

And while the guys were watching football,
Her mom asked Katherine what should she call
Her grandchildren."Mom,are you nuts?",
Asked Kathy,while she was crushing some nuts.
"I don't know if I'm getting married at all."