Welcome to my twisted mind,
There is no exit you can find.
Run as far as you can go,
Yet still you have nothing to show.
The darkness will retain your thoughts,
And keep them as your body rots.
You never will escape this cell,
For in your mind is where I dwell.
My thoughts, they do corrupt your mind,
And on your very eyes they grind.
A blinding pain blurs your sight,
Don't even try to give a fight.
You know that you will never win,
For it's to great, your evil sin.
You might as well give up your plight,
For quickly fades your guiding light.
Sit down and cry as your hope fades,
You've finally left your doomed charades.
I now control you, you are mine,
For you have paid the final fine.


So..what'd you think?