Author's Note: This is our first story. Some of it may be confusing, but it's one hell of a funny story!

The Duluth Minnesota Poking Massacre

(Horror story about Matt Monroe!)

They were just two girls sitting in a computer lab. One was reading stories and the other was writing something like this one. It seemed like an ordinary day, but then (dun, dun, dun was heard in the background) the power went out. All the lights were out and the computers turned off. Autumn screamed, "I didn't get to save!" But what she didn't know was that the scary thing was right behind her!

            Suddenly the lights came back on and Matt was there.

"Holy shit! We're all gonna die!" Mackenzie yelled. They ran out of the room and into the hallway to find they had started a huge orgy. They saw that Brad was waiting for a girl to get in ahead of him; so, Autumn and Mackenzie ran to try and beat each other to him. When they finally reached him everyone suddenly disappeared. Brad was left there grinding the air. He finally opened his eyes, and noticed all the people were gone.

            "Where'd they all go?" he asked. They just looked at him and started laughing. Then out of nowhere, Matt appeared again. (Baby cries in the background.) Now, it was Mackenzie, Autumn, and Brad running from him. (They didn't know why Brad was running, but they didn't complain. They just stayed a couple feet behind so they could.. oh.. well you know why! Just look at the kid! There's no secret there, plus he still had his pants down!)

            They finally got to the stairs, and Matt was still right behind them. He had both his index fingers pointed in poking position. They screamed and dashed down the stairs. (And of coarse, when they're in trouble, they had to wax the floor.) They got to the bottom of the stairs, and then hello, slip and slide. They were all over the floor. The janitors were yelling at them, because they finally found the time to use the colored wax and made a Picasso on the floor.

When they got out of the wax and into the next hallway, they decided it was an all right time to change. Matt was nowhere to be found. They had to undress each other because the wax made everything stick. Autumn took off Brad's shirt, and Mackenzie worked on his pants that he had finally gotten up before we got to the bottom of the stairs. Then, Autumn and Mackenzie undressed themselves. Brad looked at them confused, then shrugged his shoulders and decided to help out. He was going to ask why they were undressing each other when Matt came meandering around the corner. He pulled out his pokers and they started running again. (Who needs the slim fast plan when you have a Matt?) They made it to the Cafeteria and noticed everyone was in there. They gave out sighs of relief and walked in.

"How's it goin'?" Brad asked one of his friends, but they turned and pulled out their pointer fingers! Brad looked at us and we all saw that now everyone was turned to us with their index fingers out.

"What the hell is going on?  What the fuck did Matt do to you all?!" Autumn yelled.

They started walking forward and they weren't sure what to do. If they ran out the way they had come in, they would surely run into Matt, but if they stayed in there they would get poked by everyone. So, they made up our minds that they can take on Matt. They ran out the door and heard something like the sound of flesh hitting a wall. It was Matt; they had him pinned between the door and the wall. Knowing that they had him stuck in there, they took off. They ran down the halls, even though the janitors yelled at them to slow down. They ran through the doors and slipped on the wax once more. They hit it with so much momentum that they slid all the way to the doors leading outside. They ran to Brad's car and drove down the hill, but………………………….

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. (Damn, the power went out and the period key got stuck!) ok.. well, they got stopped at the lights at the bottom of the hill. Next thing they knew the car started shaking. They looked in the back seat and noticed (dun, dun, dun) a couple sitting back there having sex.

            "How'd you get in my car?" Brad yelled.

"We were walking around the parking lot looking for unlocked cars to leave semen in," the guy said.

 Brad freaked out and threw them out of the car.

"Nobody has sex in my car unless it's me!" Brad proclaimed. So the light turned green and they drove off. Little did they know something wasn't quite right.

"Brad, I think there's something on your ass! Pull over so I can check it out," Mackenzie urged, "Is that a fingernail?"

"You've been poked haven't you?!" Autumn cried out.

"Yes I have been poked. Matt did it to me in the bathroom earlier today. I was just trying to be strong. It still hasn't affected me all the way yet. I only say that because I've really need to poke the both of you, but the temptation to kill you with my poking hasn't set in yet. I'm sorry, I didn't want to get poked, but we have to get you to my house before I get worse."

Autumn and Mackenzie were scared, because the one person they thought they were safe with was now going to try to poke them to death. (Dun, dun, dun!)

"Where does all that weird music keep coming from?" Matt said from the backseat. Matt had been hiding under the couple they threw out earlier. They didn't know how he could've gotten there before them, but he's a tricky ass mofo.

"Ah…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………(The damn period got stuck again!)" The two girls yelled in unison.

"Thanks for your help Brad," Matt laughed evilly, "Muahahahaha"

Mackenzie and Autumn didn't understand it. How could Brad be against them?
            "I agreed to do this before I knew the both of you. I just wish I could take it back," Brad explained.

"You can help us! You don't have to help him hurt us," Mackenzie pleaded.

"No I can't help, I signed a contract before I got poked saying I have to do what he wants me to or he'll take my tight baseball pants away. I couldn't let him do that. It's my main source of getting girls."

"We like you with or without (haha) your tight baseball pants. Please Brad (sniffle noises) you have to help us," Autumn stated.

While they were trying to persuade Brad to help them Matt was inching his way forward. (He had very short arms.) Just as they looked around to see what Matt was up to he fell off of the seat. (He ran out of scooting room.)

Now, was the time to run, but they needed Brad to go with them.

"We'll buy you another pair of tight baseball pants we promise," Autumn bargained.

Brad thought for a second, and then he agreed. They got out of the car and ran. They knew that they'd be all right, because Matt couldn't reach the steering wheel. They had to get to a safe place to devise a plan for how they were going to stop him from poking anyone else.

"I heard him saying to someone that if he was killed everyone would turn back to normal. We could go grab my gun and wait outside for him," Brad gestured.

They didn't really have a choice. So, they went to grab the gun. Brad opened the gun safe, but it wasn't there! Something was wrong, because Brad had just put it in there this morning.

"Looking for this?" it was Matt's voice.

The lights went out. Brad yelled for the girls to follow him. They got to a flight of stairs and Brad went down just fine, but he hadn't warned the girls. All he heard was thumping when he reached the bottom.

"Damnit Brad! You were supposed to tell us that the stairs were there!" Mackenzie yelled.

There was no answer… All of a sudden the lights were back on and Brad was looking at them. (dun, dun, dun) They realized that Brad had changed. It was up to them to save the world. Alone…

Brad went after them, and they tried to head for the stairs but Matt was standing there. They didn't know what to do.

"You tackle Brad and I'll get Matt," Mackenzie ordered, "that way we can attempt a get-a-way."

They tackled the boys and hogtied them so the boys couldn't poke them. Matt had dropped the gun when the lights went out, so Autumn went to go grab it after she gave Brad a kiss on the cheek that made him hiss. Autumn was about to grab the gun, when it disappeared. She went running back to Mackenzie and found Matt holding the gun to her head.

(A farting noise…) "Damn burrito!" Matt relieved.

"Ah, that smells like melting rubber and cheese," Brad complained.

Mackenzie was terrified. What could they do though? They hadn't seen Autumn run up the stairs, so she ran to the kitchen and picked out the biggest knife she could. She was going to get Matt before he got her or Mackenzie. When she got back she noticed they weren't there, but the door was open. She also noticed the large crowd of people in Brad's driveway. They were the kids from school taken over by the pokes. The people surrounded Mackenzie, Matt, and Brad.

"I need the other girl in Brad's house to make this complete!" Matt yelled to his listeners, "now go and fetch her!"

Autumn panicked, but she had to save herself from these people. How was she going to stop Matt?

"Kenzie… I don't want to save the world alone!" Autumn thought to herself.

"You're are not alone," a voice came out of nowhere. "I am here with you."

"Who are you?" Autumn questioned.

"I'm the one that has been playing the music. (dun, dun, dun) See! I was only playing the music to warn you and your friend, but now you are in serious danger. It is you, and only you who can kill Matt, but I can lead you to him," the voice said.

"How do I know I can trust you?" Autumn inquired.

"I can't tell you that, but I can tell you that you better run!" the voice screamed out. "and not like a girl. I've been watching you! Oh… and your gym teacher is failing you! Just so you know!"

Autumn looked behind her and the door was being opened by the students. She ran for the back door. She could hear moans behind her…

"Cut!!!" Autumn yelled. "They aren't zombies! Why the hell are they moaning? Now, if they were having sex all over the floor I'd get it, but they aren't so.. can we stick to the fucking script? Ha ha fucking, anyway!!"

(Back to the story!) She made it to the back door and outside. There was nobody around. So, she ran to the front yard. Everyone except for Brad, Matt, and Mackenzie had gone inside. Autumn waited for the perfect time to attack. She wanted Matt to have his back faced to her so it would be easier. After a couple minutes of waiting, Matt finally had his back to her. Autumn crept up through the woods and ran for him.

Matt had no clue what hit him, but he went down on the first blow. (Ha ha blow!) Autumn noticed right away the differences in Brad only a few seconds after Matt went down. Everyone started flooding out of Brad's house.

"Where are we?" one person asked.

"What happened?" asked another.

Autumn gave Brad a hug, but Brad looked down at Mackenzie. She had remained motionless throughout the whole thing. Autumn looked down and was shocked that she hadn't moved.

"What happened to her?" Autumn cried.

"Matt took advantage of her, and she slit her throat with a rock." Brad explained.

Autumn cried and everyone started to leave. Brad started walking with Autumn back to the house, comforting her. He knew that something just wasn't right, but he had a rough day and didn't really pay attention to his gut.

The day went on, and Brad decided it was time Autumn went home. She'd probably feel better away from all the shit that had happened that day. They walked outside and Autumn glanced over to where Mackenzie's body had been. It was gone!

Autumn ran over to where it had been. There were drag marks that lead to the woods. Matt's body lay motionless there, but where was Mackenzie? (Dun, dun, dun!)

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