A Beacon of Hope

As you age and grow, responsibilities arise,

Loved ones pass away

And tears sting your eyes.

As you think you understand this hard cruel fact,

More things happen

But there's no turning back.

You realize you can only go forward,

Don't look behind you

But only look toward

The sun shining bright

Reflecting on this earth,

Bringing a beautiful new light

 And melting all your hurts.

As you dry all your tears

A new beacon of hope

Abolishes all your fears

And you feel you can cope

With whatever life holds.

Your face to the wind,

You are no longer cold

And your happiness begins.

Author's Note: Well…there you have it…my first poem…(well…posted here anyways…) please review and tell me what you think!!! I'd love to hear from you all! ^_^