"Voltaic Emulation"
Falling from the source,
Always constructing false remorse,
For a something or a someone that nobody,
Even likes as of this time.

And now,
We find ourselves walking with you,
Walking with me,
Walking with thee,
And feeling oh, so fucking happy.

But it's useless,
Just like when you told us where it is,
Your heart,
You told us wear you wore this piece,
Of machinery and your bold faced idea of,
Manufactured peace.

And you kept in your scabbard,
Just like any Samurai warrior,
Keeping things in the simpler,
Ideas and ideology,
Of simple things like Halloween,
Simple things like Halloween,
Simple things to keep us clean,
And simpler things to keep us cleaner,
And Christian...

Never being free,
But always telling ourselves that we,
Are freer than we think we are,
It's just too bad we're such bad liars.

Nobody believes in faith,
Only just before you see the wraith,
Will you retake all those tests,
And run away from your girlfriend's breasts,
To do something a little constructive,
Like telling people how to live,
Just speaking of being yourself,
To put Jesus on a cold, dark shelf,
In a room,
And lock the doors,
Of their perception.

And I promise it will be more fun,
To lock the doors of perception,
And throw away the key,
And fall in love with me,

And I promise that I'll do good this time,
I promise that you'll hear my rhyme,
And reason,
In this beautiful,
Virgin season.

And now,
I say good-bye,
If only for this one last time,
I get to see your loving face.

Just remember that I'll never,
Forget to give you back the key,
Because you're freer than free,
And you're free to decline me,
I just hope you won't,
Because without you I would die...

So for now,
It's good-bye.