"Hey, stop breathing near the glass. You're fogging it all up." Mom said
"Damn, sorry..." I muttered, not feeling the least bit sorry.
We were coming home from my aunt Gina's house. It was already 1:00 a.m. We usually ended up staying at her house for a long time. She lived an hour away in West Covina and we lived here in beautiful (yeah right) Torrance. My mom and dad usually talked to my aunt and I hung out with my older cousin Jess in his room.
So anyways we were on the way back home and we were going to pass by my school, West High. It was pretty big and was a little more than a block away from our house. There was a stop sign right in front of the school. I usually never glance at the school as we pass by it in the car, I mean, I see it enough when Im there. But right then and there on that cold night, I looked at it and there was someone in dark clothing...and a hooded jacket with the hood on over their head sitting at the base of the flagpole...Their face was buried in their hands. Maybe it was someone crying I don't know...but why were they out here at this time?
Then suddenly their head started rising. I quickly turned my face forward as our Ford Explorer finally continued on it's way, I snuck another peek at the mysterious person. Their hooded head was following our car, watching us leave. I couldn't make out the face. It just looked like a black hole in a hood. But yet it felt as if they were looking at me...Maybe they weren't who knows....It was dark and the only light was the one from our headlights.
Our car went through the alley as usual....we were a couple seconds away from home, thank God. I was looking down since I saw the hooded figure sitting down alone at school. Finally, my dad spoke.
"Alright we're home." he said, fitting our big ass car into a tight little spot.
As he struggled to park, I looked up and I turned around to look at the alley we just came through. it couldn't be...
The same hooded figure was there. Standing there, facing my direction. I stopped breathing. It was impossible...they couldn't walk that fast...not even run that fast...
Okay, I thought, if I tell my parents, the freak will probably disappear when THEY turn around to look at it...and my parents will say I'm crazy. That's the way it always happens in movies anyways. No one ever listens to the kid. Oh what the hell.
I turned to look at my parents.
"You guys....I think...someone is following us. Look see that person behind us? They are wearing a hood? I seen them at the school when we passed it. I swear to God." I said and then turned around to point out the person.
Sure enough, they were still there. Still facing in our direction. I was surprised. I honestly thought they would be gone. But what surprised me most of all was what my dad said next.
"What the hell are you talking about? I don't see a damn thing."
Obviously my parents needed to learn how to talk....
"Ma, don't you see them?"
"No. Don't scare me like that. Shit."
But he or she or someone was still standing there. Why can I see you?
"Well, hell....I see dead people." I said in a joking way.
"Stupid...okay come on let's go in now. Your dad finally parked the car."
"Look whose talking, you take like a friggin' hour, ma."
"Cayate, Mortakai."
I sighed. I hated when she said my name. It sounded so dorky. We got out of the car and walked across the street to the Crestwood apartments. My home. My dad put in the code to open the metal door to get inside the apartments. I was frickin' cold...I just wanted to get inside. I looked around. It was damn foggy. I looked up and down the street. I couldn't tell if the person was still in the alley. I couldn't see from this angle. But looking at our street I thought, this place is perfect for a scary movie.
I looked at our car and my eyes widened. I held in a gasp. The person. The hooded person was standing next to our car looking at us...and still I could not see their face. Just a dark, black, hole. Suddenly, their hand reached at the top of their hood. My eyes widened farther if that was possible. The hood came down and I saw....nothing. Someone with no head. I screamed.

To be continued...