"Oh my God!! Mortakai!!" Mom whispered loudly.
" What the hell has gotten into you?!!?" My dad bellowed and covered my mouth.
Despite my mouth being covered my screams were still going, yet they were muffled. It seemed like forever and I finally stopped screaming. My heart was beating so loudly. If my screaming didn't wake up the neighbors, my heart's wild pounding would....
"Come on, let's take him in Lola. I don't know what's wrong with him." Dad said, with his hand still over my mouth.
I kept looking at the headless...thing. What the hell did it want from me?!
It took a step toward us. It was crossing the street!! All I could do was stare in disbelief. And then out of nowhere, in blinding blurring speed, the headless figure raced into my face and suddenly screamed wildly. A mouthless scream blaring in front of my face.
I stumbled back and fell to the floor, my dad came along with me, his hand fell off my mouth letting my scream be heard to it's full potential.
"MORTAKAI!!" Dad screamed.
"Hey shut the hell up out there. There's people trying to sleep. Noisy bastards!!!" I heard someone shouting.
My dad yanked me off the floor and dragged me inside the apartment complex. The figure stood there and then it raised it's hand and beckoned to me. I suddenly grew quite.
"You want me to g-go with you??" I stammered.
The figure put it's hood back on and nodded. My dad tugged on me harder but I didn't need for him to rush me along, I knew I was gonna just haul ass and get away from
The figure stood there still...then turned into a black blur and zoomed out of sight and made a sharp turn to the right...back towards the alley...maybe back to the school...

"Mortakai, what is wrong with you?!"
"Forget it. You wouldn't believe me if I told you..." I muttered.
"Mira mijo, you can trust us. Just tell me." My mom said calmly.
Nice try lady, I thought, your sweet talk ain't gonna'll just take me to a friggin' doctor!
"No it's alright forget it... I'm fine. Im just tired."
Actually it wasn't alright...I was scared like hell. Thanks to that thing I was gonna spend many sleepless nights filled with paranoia and wondering if that creaky sound coming from the refrigerator is really the refrigerator. Dammit.
"Okay, honey but you can talk to us, okay?" My mom said again.
"I know, ma."
"Go to your room and sleep." My dad said quietly.
He was still mad. I could tell.
I went to bed with the same clothes on and stared at the ceiling...I thought about the events that happened earlier. The thing wanted me to follow it. Maybe it was harmless. I mean, it probably would have done something by now...Maybe it was a ghost! I know it sounds stupid, but I believed in them. I lived for scary movies. None ever scared me, actually. But I guess it's different when stuff like that happens to you.
I sat up in bed and looked at my skateboard leaning on the wall. I looked at the time...1:47 a.m. I picked up skateboard and quietly sneaked out of the house...You see, I could get to the school faster if I took my skateboard...

To be continued...

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