"Teenybopper" Bands

I have decided that many of the sentiments I hold about music are different from other people. I have also decided that many, often petty, arguments arise between friends over music, and that people arguing usually have no idea what they are talking about. So here I am, the musically enlightened, to explain mostly American music and its origins, because that is what I live.

I would like to begin by writing that one's own opinion of music is decided strictly by one's own person, so technically anyone else's views are meaningless.

I have noticed that "teenybopper" bands are rapidly declining, starting, I believe, with Justin Timberlake leaving N'SYNC. Since then, we have heard nothing from the male half of that form of pop music; both O Town and the Backstreet Boys seem to be completely defunct. However, for some reason Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are still at large. Why is this? Oh, I remember; it's because 40 something men who have divorced their wives and no longer have sexual partners need them. No, that's a little cynical; maybe Britney Spears does have some talent. She can dance and take her clothes off AT THE SAME TIME, something most strippers can't do as well as she.

Christina I have slightly more respect for. She has one of the best female voices I've ever heard, and anyone denying that is simply immature and close minded. The quality of her music is sub par, and her sad calls for attention are almost laughable, but to say she has no talent is something an ignorant metal head thirteen year old would say.

I will not deny that I too, would once viciously murder anyone who complimented such a trollop. She doesn't do anything but sing! I would say. She can't play guitar or any other instrument for that matter! Since then, I have begun to listen. And having a voice like that is an instrument in itself. It is very sad that gifted people often end up in that "pop" slot of music because that genre gets the most money.

Mariah Carey has an amazing voice. While she may have been born with a very beautiful voice, no one is born singing as she does, and she must have worked very hard to be able to reach such notes. But she, like Christina Aguilera, is brushed off as a stupid slut with no business near a microphone. Part of this is the artists' fault of course, but a lot has to do with the label they sign up with. Every artist today is packaged for a certain audience; this is wrong, but there isn't anything we can do about it. So Christina Aguilera was "packaged" as a beautiful, blonde Disney channel singer. As she broke out, she lost the "teen" look and tried to be more adult. In a most depressing turn of events, Britney Spears, talentless wombat that she is, made sex something needed to sell records. I don't mean to write that an artist doesn't need to look good to sell. Of course one needs to be appealing to one's audience if one would like to be successful. But Britney Spears took it to an entirely new level.

Christina could've kept doing what she wanted and letting people focus on her music, but, she and her record label do not have enough confidence that her music will speak for itself, so she made herself look like prostitute to sell records.

Now everyone is focused on her music videos and her outfits to awards shows rather than her music. "Stripped" is a very good album, but does anyone know that? Nope, because our culture and media are too obsessed with sex to pay attention to talent.