Title: A Lonely Corner

Authoress: Tainted Tears


 "You stupid bitch! Get out of my sight!" with that said, he grabbed a nearby glass bottle and threw it angrily at me.

I ducked just in time as I quickly rose from the floor. Hurriedly, as glass bottles crashed against the walls of what I once called my home, I ran to my room, frighten tears threaten to fall.

I saw my bedroom's door from a short distance and rushed towards it, my life on the line. I opened the doorknob, quickly got in, and shut the door tightly. One of the last beer bottles came crashing on my door, making me flinched with fear.

'Please, dad, not today. Of all days, please… not today.' I prayed silently.

Waiting a couple of minutes, no more crashing glass bottles were heard. Slightly turning around, I pressed my ear against the door.

"Little brat… just as stupid as her bitch, what a motherfucker she was too."

Haven't I heard that before?

With a heavy sigh, I turned around and slid down between the door and the wall next to it. Bringing my knees towards me, I laid my face down, my arms as pillows.

As a minute passed, my eyes began getting watery once more. My chest breathed up and down, beating a painful rhythm. A demanding question instantly went through me.

'Why mother? Why did you not bring me away like you promised?!'



"Yes, mommy?"

"I'll come back, okay?" she'd promised, tears running down her cheeks as she hugged me as if she was never going to see me again.

"I'll be back to take you away from him."

So naïve and young, I waved a good-bye, thinking that she will do what she promised.

Before stepping into a long black car, my mother motioned with her lips, "I'll be back."

~End of Flashback~

And, did you really think she did what she promised she would do?

Many years went by, and not a single notice of her existence was brought to my attention. I was stuck inside a remote cell with an angered monster who is an enemy of all women.

He's practically a dictator of all women. Using us for his own sick fantasies and, when he was finished with his lustful desires at the moment, act as if we were the criminals.

I still remembered what he had said to me when mother left and seemingly never returned.


"You whores are all the same! Spreading your legs just to get what you want and then tossing us away like trash! You piece of shit!" and then it came, and a few more. Blows that traumatized me for nearly two days.

~End of Flashback~

Tears formed and dripped from my eyes, just as gravity has always done for the past many years of my miserable teenaged life.

However, not all of my heartache came just from him… no, there were other things too.

One of these sorrows would be my friends. For a time we were one of those cheerful girls with lots of genuine laughter. Yet, when this issue about my mother started clouding my mind, my friends, after so many attempts to see what was inside my frighteningly silent head, gave up and left me to deal with my own doom.

Another grief of mines was my rapidly failing grades. I use to be a B+ and higher type honor student. But when the restless nights in terror of my father's wrath took over my concentration at school, I began falling asleep in my classes; in addition, I also began not giving a damn about having a pointless thing called an education.

And to make matters worse, I got kicked off the volleyball team for my outbursting anger towards my coach and some of my teammates. I also got suspended for a week just for hitting a snobby girl from my own team with a volleyball.

Then, there was that thing about my ex-boyfriend. My first and true love. Too nice and handsome for his own good, if you ask me. Yet, I still fell for him. After four years of both pain and bliss, he dumped me (today) for the same goddamn girl I slammed the volleyball with.


I'm hitting rock-bottom and nothing is stopping me. I'm just so fed-up with all of the mental and physical abuse I've been getting for the past six years. Yes, you heard me… six wretched years of heartache and pain.

There's a time in person's life where you can't just take it anymore…and I'm afraid, I'm getting closer to it. A human being can only take so much before breaking down to the ultimate solution.

Even… even if it is death.

Being in my situation and condition, it isn't as drastic as it sounds.

'Do you hear me, you so-call maker of human beings?! I'm done! I-I can't take it anymore! I just… I just can't…'

Silence then filled into my head. I just… can't take it anymore…

Softly, I whispered ever so painfully, "Why, god? Why?"


And here I write my last few living moments before death's bitter hand had touched my shoulder. I won't burden you of how I decided to end my heart aching life, for it is best to not be told.

Yes… what a lonely corner indeed.


Ending Notes: So, how was that for a first try? I hope you all enjoyed it (even with the suicidal feelings and whatnot).