To an unknown stranger
You will never know the fear I feel inside, how I hurt and my heart bleeds
for no real reason.
You will never understand why I act how I do, why I starve, why I binge,
why I purge. Or why I drink until the world is no longer something I am a
part of.
You will never understand why I hurt myself, or the shame I feel when I cut
or burn and the blood runs down my arms - crying the tears that my eyes
cannot cry.
You will never know why I deny myself pleasure, why I don't deserve joy or
happiness.only deep, unrelenting pain.
You will never understand my need to shrink, to fade, to vanish.and
ultimately to disappear.
And I don't expect you to. Indeed I hope you can't and you won't
understand. I hope you never feel what I feel. Because I wouldn't wish
that pain on anyone else.
All I ask is that you love me, or accept me, as much as you find in your
heart that you can.
And please never judge me.
And above all, please forgive me.