As I feel my heart rate rise above,
Her presence seeps inside my body,
I feel the sweet taste of her mouth,
My throbbing temples stop, and levitate.

Stomach fluttering with crispy air,
The sound of her voice rejuvenating me,
Her soft fingertips caressing my breasts,
Moving down my pale and trembling body.

I lay in her comforting arms at ease,
Her round greenish blue eyes glistening,
Resembling the full shining moon,
Vibrations of her voice make me shutter.

Her voice fills the reverberant room,
Resounding like Valhalla to my ears,
Like laying on a sheet of cozy clouds,
And she nestles with me, whispering.

Whispering softly, the vibrancy invigorating,
She makes me close my eyes and to breathe,
Holding my hand, stroking my flesh,
Her hair trickling down my shoulder.

Capturing me into a trance and stupor,
Our bond of resonance never breaking,
My heart easing to a normal pace,
She is kissing away the nervous tension.

Her accent like a heavenly lullaby,
Grasping me into a hearty warm cuddle
We lay in the hallow room together
No distant sounds but her whispers

Making love to me, mouthing "I love you",
Causing my body to explode in joy,
Us, the only two women in the earth,
Our moans filling revolving in the room.

Another night of pure paradise,
We collapse into each other's arms,
We close our eyes retreating to sleep,
She is the vox, a beauty, a goddess.