I can still hear your voice
I can still see your face
Memories cherished
Of another time and place
I don't know what happened
I've searched high and low
For a reason for this, but
I may never know
Outside, a smile
Inside, much grief
No one here knew
You needed relief
When the pain of living
Grew too much to bear
Leslie, my darling,
Didn't you know how we care?
Too soon you have left us
A whisper of goodbye
A song in the night
The tears we all cry
Your most precious gift
More so than your song
Was the life that you took
After living not long
A song in the night
Your last memory
That's how it all ended
For, at least, me
We'll try not to regret
Look back only with gladness
Not disgrace your memory
With too much painful sadness
While we keep you in our hearts
God keeps you with angels up high
So farewell, for now
But never goodbye

Author's Notes
This is a poem I wrote in memory of Leslie Cheung after finding out that he had committed suicide...a month after the fact. It really hurt, but I felt much worse for not knowing until so long after it had happened... It's not really a good poem, but I'm not a poet. The important thing here, I think, is that my feelings come across, no matter how inelegantly.