The Imposter

Look around, an imposter's here.

Her mask is made of lies and fear.

She walks around and no one knows

Her secret life that grows and grows.

Her face is set in a permanent smile.

Her eyes, impartial all the while.

She remains at once here and gone,

But her thoughts will reveal her before long.

Don't worry, justice will be done.

She'll never again fool anyone.

Her mask will incriminate her soul

And remove her forever from the whole.

It's a funny thing, this masquerade.

She fools herself and is betrayed

By the longing etched into her mind

To learn and know, to seek and find.

God grants us each the gift of will

To use as we wish, to give life or kill.

But know, that requital comes at dark

When sins have already made their mark.

This imposter knows of what I speak.

But she has not the strength to end the streak

Of insanity that threatens her life.

So, instead she surrenders to the strife.

It is familiar and lonely all the same

This turmoil that is her pride and shame.

Of all that's been said I have to agree

Because, you should know, this imposter is me.