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Darkness Turns Into Light

Prologue: This is My Life, My Curse

"Reese, honey, time to wake up." Michael "Reese" Matthews awoke to his mothers smiling face. Seeing his mother happy and cheerful, and not about to go to Hell…better known as High School, put Reese in a very sour mood.

"I'm awake now, you can leave." He said quietly. Reese sat up and yawned, stretching until his back cracked. Now that his muscles were stretched and his foot was no longer asleep, he was ready to face the day.

His mother nodded, and added, "honey, there is a bagel sandwich on the table for you to eat while you walk to school. It is raining out; I'm sorry, honey, but you're going to have to walk. Be sure to grab the umbrella, K?." Reese nodded.

Reese stood up as soon as his mother left him, and he pulled on a black Rancid t-shirt, and then pulled a black trench coat over it. Next came his baggy black pants with his favorite silver pocket chain hanging down, and then his black chucks.

He quickly and messily spiked his black hair, and then made sure his lip ring was in. Sometimes he pulled it out while he slept. Last of all he grabbed his backpack off the floor, and then ran downstairs.

As he jogged out the door, he made sure he grabbed his breakfast. He was completely miserable as he jogged to school in the torrential downpour. He wished that their car wasn't getting fixed.

His mother and him had spent the whole summer in Berlin, Germany. He was there so that he could explore his "Ancestry". He was a quarter German, so it was important for him to learn it. Or so his mother had told him. Reese had been miserable there since there was no one his age to hang out with.

'Though' he mused, 'it wasn't like he had any friends here.'

The only good that had come out of visiting his family in Germany was that he could speak German as well as he spoke English. Anyway, their car had broken down on the way back from the airport.

Reese skidded and almost fell into a puddle as he stopped in front of his school.

"Shit," he muttered.

It was time for another year of hell at Weston High School. Another year completely ignored.

He hated his life.

Uknown Pov

The Vampire watched his obsession stare glumly at the school. After watching the mortal for over five years, he was going to approach Reese and claim him. He hadn't been watching Reese for so long because he was afraid of the mortal; never that. It was because he was frightened that when Reese found out he was a Vamprire, Reese would reject him.

He couldn't handle the boy's rejection. It would hurt too much.

The Vampire looked at the cloudy sky. He had been waiting so long for the time when he could claim Reese. He would make the boy his, and his alone. Then they could spend all of eternity together.

With a manic laugh, the Vampire disappeared.

'Soon Reese,' he thought. 'Soon you will meet me, and then we can be together forever. You will learn to love me, it may take awhile, but I have all eternity to wait.'

End of Prologue: This is My Life, My Curse

Next Chapter: One Day Everything Can Change

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