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Enjoy! Darkness Turns Into Light

The Characters So Far:

Michael "Reese" Matthews: The main character. He speaks fluent German, and has managed to make one friend. He is a Vampire's Mate. Reese was on drugs before he found out how dangerous they were, and he stopped taking them. So far Darla bit him, he fell through the ice and Keith saved him, drank Keith's blood, and went out on a date with Keith. Last chapter Reese realized he drank Keith's blood.

Keith Howard Wyvarn: Indians killed his family over five hundred years ago. He wandered for many days through the woods before an unknown Vampire turned him. He tried to restart his life in towns, but humans always drove him out because they were frightened by his differences. Darla took him in and taught him how to live as a Vampire. Keith is only staying with Darla because he feels he owes her for helping him out. Reese is Keith's Mate, and Keith is in the process of wooing his mortal.

Rebecca Brooke Matthews: Reese's mother who divorced her husband five years ago. She loves her son though she has trouble showing it. She is involved with a worthless man named Brad.

Brad Terrance Wiles: Rebecca's boyfriend, who lives with his girlfriend and her son. He loves to abuse Reese, and it is debatable whether or not he loves his girlfriend.

Scott: Keith's best friend. Darla left Scott to die, when Keith stumbled across him. Keith turned Scott, and they became great friends. Scott lives with Keith, though he still hates Darla for what she did to him.

Ashleigh: Scott's mate. She was turned one year ago, and only just accepted her new life. How or where she met Scott is unknown, as to why she was turned by him.

Adam ?????: A well known Vampire(according to Keith). He appears to be very strong, since he destroyed a barrier that Keith could not knock down by himself. It is rumored that he is stronger than the King of Vampires, and it is unknown whether he is good or evil.

Joshua Noyes: A teenager that sits behind Reese in German class. His motives are unknown, but he appears to be friendly. It seems he has family problems because he admitted to Reese that his parents arguing drove him out of his house.

Chapter Eight: A Decision

Keith materialized into his living room, his obsidian eyes blazing with contained fury. He could feel Scott's fear permeating the small room, and he was not happy with being interrupted on his date with Reese.

Scott met his friend's furious orbs with an apologetic smile on his expressive face, Ashleigh wrapped in her Mate's sheltering arms, her face pale. "I'm sorry, Keith, I know that you're busy, but we really do need your help."

Keith took a deep calming breath and mentally counted to ten. He needed to relax before he scared Ashleigh, and he didn't want to frighten her anymore than he already had. Ashleigh was still new to their dark world, and Scott was trying to introduce her to their world gradually.

Ashleigh was like a skittish cat, the slightest noise frightened her, and she fought her Mate constantly. She wanted to stay awake during the daytime, and if Scott didn't put her into a deep sleep she would wake and try to go outside. It was a miracle that Scott even managed to get Ashleigh to feed. Yet his friend was patient, and if anyone could help Ashleigh accept her new life, it was Scott.

Keith new that he was dangerous, he could destroy buildings with a single thought, crush concrete with only his pinky. Dark fury raced through his blood, he called violence his brother in arms, and no one was truly safe.

Yet if he had been dangerous before, he was worse now. Until he resolved things with his Mate, he was like a time bomb waiting to explode. Scott knew this instinctively, as he had been in the same situation only a year ago.

"Ashleigh, let me handle this okay, love?" Scott whispered, squeezing his Mate comfortingly. Ashleigh glared at her Mate, yet she remained silent, obviously too tired to fight her boyfriend.

"What's the problem, Scott?" Keith asked, leaning against the wall casually, his obsidian eyes fixed on Scott's brown orbs; his body still like a crouched panther. Ashleigh shivered and leaned against her Mate harder, her hands clenched by her side.

Scott sighed and shook his head to get his long, black hair out of his eyes. "Darla's having a tantrum. I tried to calm her down, but she blew me out of her room. Sorry, your doors broken." Scott joked, grinning ruefully, his hand motioning to where the oak door should have stood.

Keith groaned and massaged his aching neck. This rising was turning out to be a roller coaster ride. It had started out great; his date with Reese had been everything he had expected and more. He wished he could go back and taste Reese's amazing lips again, feel his honey tongue against his…

But no, he had left Reese to deal with Darla's childish tantrum. Darla lost her temper often and started destroying everything around her, usually when Scott disagreed with her, or he, himself, left her alone. Keith hated having to calm Darla. A powerful Vampire like Darla had no right to act immature.

"I'm really sorry that we had to call you. I tried my best, but I don't want to leave Ashleigh unprotected, Keith. Darla's more powerful than I am. I think she's mad because you went out with Reese…" Scott trailed off when he saw Keith's black eyes blazing with suppressed fury.

"I am getting sick of her clinging to me. I made it clear to her when I first discovered Reese; I am not interested in her. I do not want to date Darla; I don't find her attractive. Reese is mine, and I am not going to give my mortal up just to feed her ego and make her feel needed."

Ashleigh smiled and grabbed Scott's hand, motioning with her shoulders that she wished to leave. "Good for you, Keith. I never wanted to say anything, but I really do want to get away from Darla. She scares me. You can be frightening too, Keith, but I can see from Scott's memories that you are a good person."

Keith smiled, his mind clearing slightly with Ashleigh's added support. "Thanks." His shoulders sagged when he heard Darla's voice, raised in anger, leaking from her room. "I better go and deal with the Ice Princess."

"Good luck, man. You're going to need it." Scott said, pulling his Mate from the room and leaving Keith by himself.

"Thanks guys." Keith muttered, setting his shoulders and starting towards Darla's room.


Reese opened his front door as silently as possible, kicking his chucks off his feet when he was in the front foyer. Reese felt his hands shaking as he shut the heavy oak door and tip-toed past his living room, the sound of the television masking the floor's intermittent squeaks that his socks didn't cover.

"Hello, is someone there?" Brad's voice, slurred from alcohol made Reese freeze, his breath coming out in a soft puff.

Don't let him hear me, God! Reese thought, holding his breath and pressing himself up against the wall, in the darkest shadow he could find. Reese squeezed his eyes shut, and counted his heartbeats. Brad called out again, but receiving no answer, he quieted, belching loudly.

The threat gone, Reese dashed past the living room and up the stairs, opening and closing his bedroom door as quickly as possible. He felt exhilarated, and he couldn't sit still. He wanted to shout from the rooftops that he was in love!

He wanted to tell someone, anyone, the exciting news. But he didn't have anyone to tell, he didn't know Joshua's number, and he couldn't exactly tell his mom, now could he? She would freak if she knew her son was dating a Vampire.

His happiness fading from realities slap in his face, Reese changed for bed, and pulled back the comforter. He said his prayers and pressed his face into his pillow, inhaling deeply.

Reese was asleep in minutes, his mind unknowingly tuning with Keith's, finding comfort in his Mate's mind. For the first time Reese slept without dark nightmares waking him…

"Darla," Keith called softly, easily dodging the thick encyclopedia Darla hurled at him. "Darla, will you calm down, please!"

Darla screamed like a banshee, her curled blonde hair flowing behind her like a river, her pale face splotched with two red dots. "How dare you, Keith! You come to me smelling like another man!"

Keith felt his incisors lengthen at the barely concealed threat. No one threatened his Reese, no one! Reese was his to protect from all danger, no matter whom! Darla was crossing the line, and he would not hesitate to attack her if she meant to harm Reese in any way.

"Do not talk about Reese, Darla. He's too pure for you to even think about." Keith hissed, his voice low and silky, voice dripping honey. Darla's icy blue eyes narrowed, her face tight with rage.

"Do not threaten me, Keith. I made you who you are! I taught you everything that you know! I will not have you rebuffing me as if I were a naughty child!"

Keith laughed, his eyes as hard as stone. "Reese is mine, Darla, and I will protect him from you if the need arises. I don't care what you taught me."

Darla hissed like a cat and launched herself at Keith. "You're mine, Keith! Reese cannot have you!" Her nails lengthened like icicles set to claw Keith's skin. Keith lifted his hand and sent a wave of energy, fuelled by his simmering rage straight at Darla.

The energy wave hit Darla straight in the chest, stopping her body, and sending her flying back into a table with the force of a small explosion. Darla wailed hideously as her small body crashed onto the hard surface, her head denting the sturdy wood.

She stared at Keith, startled, tears dripping down her pale face. "How could you, Keith? I love you!"

Keith looked at Darla pityingly. "You threatened what is mine, Darla. I suggest that you leave immediately. I will not hesitate to destroy you." Keith turned on his heel and stalked from the room, his body fatigued. The sun was rising, and he needed rest. He felt nothing when Darla's heartbroken scream reached his ears.


Six AM came too fast for Reese, and he stumbled around like a Zombie, dressing in whatever his hands touched first. Thankfully he looked halfway decent, though his black shirt had a dirt stain, and his Capri pants were worn and threadbare. His mom kissed his cheek as he exited the kitchen, and some quick thinking enabled Reese to avoid Brad.

School was slow and horrible like always, though keeping his mind tuned to Keith's comforted Reese tremendously. With his mind touching Keith's, and feeling his Mate's strength and support, even though the Vampire was in a deep sleep, made Reese feel loved and wanted.

German was torture as always. Reese was disappointed to see Joshua wasn't there, and that made the class worse. Thankfully Ms. Steinbacker ignored him, which was a first.

After school Reese jogged home and did his homework. By the time four o clock came, Reese was bored out of his mind. He had listened to music, and watched MTV's reality shows, though they weren't anything special.

Five came at a snails pace, and Reese sat Indian style on his bed, his eyes alert. Keith materialized in Reese's room, instantly meeting his Mate's happy eyes. Reese jumped to his feet, throwing his arms around Keith's broad shoulders, and pressed his lips to Keith's.

Keith instantly opened his mouth to Reese's questing tongue, twining his tongue meeting Reese's. Keith wrapped his fingers in Reese's soft, black hair, and allowed his fangs to lengthen and press into Reese's full, lower lip.

Reese moaned, and flicked his tongue against Keith's. Keith moved his lips from Reese's and smiled when he saw Reese's flushed face and hazy eyes. Reese was just too cute.

"As much as I love kissing you Reese, I believe there is something we need to discuss." Keith whispered in Reese's ear, his warm breath ghosting over his Mate's heated skin, causing the young mortal to shiver.

"Yes." Reese answered, his eyes fixed on Keith's lips.

Keith laughed and moved his Mate to Reese's bed, and settled Reese onto the black comforter. He sat beside Reese, and wrapped his arm around his Mate, pulling his Reese closer to his side.

"I want you to come with me, Reese," Keith said, meeting Reese's confused look with his eyes. "I kicked Darla out, and now that I have you, I want to leave this town behind."

Reese lowered his eyes and rubbed Keith's hand with his fingers. "Keith, I can't though. What about my mom, my education?"

Keith smiled reassuringly at his Mate. "What's there to think about? Your mom doesn't care about you, and you have all eternity to get an education."

Reese glared at Keith. "What the hell does that mean? You honestly expect me to leave everything behind? I love my mom, and I want to finish high school! I still have one year left! I'm not ready to be a Vampire yet, Keith! While you may have been watching me for awhile and know everything about me, I just met you!"

Keith growled, not liking the way their conversation was going. "Reese…"

Reese was pissed, and he wanted Keith out, now. "God, Keith, you're so insensitive! Just get out, okay? I cannot believe you expect me to just get up and leave my mom, not to mention my life behind!"

Keith stood, knowing instinctively Reese needed time to think. "Reese, just think things over, okay?"

Reese crossed his arms and nodded slowly. "Okay, Keith, I'll think it over."

Keith smiled and kissed his Mate's lips quickly. "I love you."

Reese smiled wanly, though his eyes were warm, not angry. "I love you too."

Reese watched as Keith faded into the shadows and disappeared. Keith's mind was not as strongly connected to his as before, and Reese felt the loss, though he was grateful that Keith was giving him space to think.

"Keith wants me to come with him, but I still have so much I need to mull over." Reese whispered to himself. He was restless, what happiness he had felt last night was slowly dissipating in the wake of his relationship problems.

Reese started when he heard breaking glass, and his eyes widened in shock before he felt sharp pain at the back of his head, and fell unconscious into Darla's waiting arms.

End of Chapter: A Decision

Next Chapter: Fire And Ice

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