Summary: Life can be tough. Times can be hard. But we must learn to live with them and learn how to cope. No matter how bad we are feeling there will still be good times ahead. We must learn to look through the bad times to find these good ones.

Authors note: Hi. This is my first poem here on fiction press so I hope you all like it. Just something I wrote quickly the other day.

Do Not Cry

Throughout your life you will shed

Many precious tears

Tears of anger, tears of sorrow

But mainly tears of fear

Not knowing what the day will bring

Or what will come tomorrow

It may bring you love and happiness

Or just heart wrenching sorrow

Not knowing what will happen

As we round each long bend

Not knowing where it started

Or where it may to end

But we should never turn and regret

Or look back on the past

'Cos we never know where that bend will come

As life sweeps by so fast.