As she sits, quiet and undisturbed
She holds a red rose in her fragile hands
She hums along with her jewelry box
Watching the ballerina twirl

Her eyes are soft and covered
From the world of dangers outside
She looks in a picture holding her parents
Growing warm and happy inside

Innocent and untouched
She sits singing softly
Nothing to bother her
Nothing to disrupt her song

Her voice starts to quiver
Eyes start to blur
Daddy's little dancer
Has quite a little secret

Gazing out into the falling rain
She turns cold and alone
The rose in her hand turns black
Petals start to fall leaving the stem bare

Exposed and vulnerable she's scared
The tattered ballerina falls
The music stops and the box closes
Picture frames break and decay

Her windows are open
The cold is creeping in
Unable to control herself
She screams out into the wind

The world once bright is now dark
Screaming leaks under her door
No longer safe and carefree
But alone, scared and cold

She struggles to hold on to innocence
But the dark hands tear it away
Daddy hasn't got a little dancer anymore
What he's a broken ballerina